Standing Up Together: Corporate Collaboration for the Greater Good

CVS Health supports Stand Up to Cancer's unique approach to cancer research.

Eileen Howard Boone, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy, CVS Health and President, CVS Health Foundation explains why CVS Health and MasterCard are teaming up to support Stand Up to Cancer’s unique approach to cancer research.

According to the American Cancer Society’s estimates, cancer will kill more than 1,600 Americans today, or approximately one person every minute. That statistic is staggering, but there is a glimmer of hope: there are currently an estimated 14.5 million cancer survivors living in the United States.

Through innovative research that leads to new, more effective treatments, our partner, Stand Up To Cancer has a mission to help make it possible for every person diagnosed with cancer to become a survivor. SU2C’s unique approach is to build Dream Teams – groups of committed scientists and researchers, coming together from different disciplines and institutions across the country, dedicated to studying multiple types of cancer together.  Thanks to the Dream Teams, progress is being made every day to get new therapies to patients and to save lives.

As we considered the most effective ways for each of our organizations to support efforts like SU2C, we decided on a unique approach based on the belief that the strength of creative collaborations is often greater than what we could ever have accomplished alone.  

In that spirit, we are excited that CVS Pharmacy and MasterCard are launching a joint effort to raise money to help further SU2C’s groundbreaking cancer research. For the first time, MasterCard will be offering pre-paid gift cards with a portion of proceeds directly benefitting SU2C’s research. The cards will be sold exclusively at CVS Pharmacy locations, now through the end of 2016.

Offering this co-branded card, in coordination with CVS Pharmacy’s in-store fundraising campaign in November is a holistic and collaborative approach. By working together, we’re able to continue advancing SU2C’s work while engaging people in novel ways that may even inspire other companies to support causes more collaboratively. 

The money raised through this unique partnership between CVS Health and MasterCard will directly fund SU2C’s collaborative research teams, who are working to study and treat a wide range of cancers – from lung and ovarian cancer to colorectal and pancreatic cancer. This increased funding will enable world-class researchers to continue their groundbreaking work towards finding life-saving therapies.

Considering the figures again -- 1,600 people a day, one person every minute -- it’s easy to see the value of standing up together.  By collaborating to support cancer research, we can help work towards a future that is cancer free – one survivor at a time.

To learn more about how you can help support SU2C’s work, please visit or