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Improving Health Care Delivery and Fostering Innovation

Our country faces significant rises in health spending and increasing rates of chronic disease, but our health care system is rising to the challenge and developing some of the most innovative solutions in the world. At CVS Health, we’re leveraging multiple touchpoints with patients, payors and providers to help build a more efficient and effective way of delivering health care.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Current Health Care System

With chronic disease on the rise, health care costs continue to grow. Nearly half of American adults suffer from one or more chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. By 2030, it is estimated that the cumulative cost of chronic disease care will reach $42 trillion.

In addition to being common and costly, chronic diseases are also often preventable. Nearly half of American adults have at least one of three risk factors for heart disease or stroke and as of 2015, 15 percent of American adults were current smokers.

But there are opportunities to prevent and better manage chronic disease. Pharmacy-led solutions to improve medication adherence and advance care coordination can save money and improve outcomes. In fact, nearly $300 billion and tens of thousands of lives can be saved each year by helping Americans take their medications as prescribed. An additional $25-$45 billion could be saved each year through care coordination and management of care transitions.

Infographic: CVS Health is Improving Health Care Delivery and Fostering Innovation

Expanding Quality and Access

Our deep bench of clinical expertise includes nearly 36,000 pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who provide direct-to-patient services through a wide array of CVS Health offerings. This allows us to expand access to quality, affordable care for families across the country, and creates strong relationships between patients, payors and providers.

We do this in a number of ways:

Forging Strong Connections

Our unique care model enables us to actively engage in partnerships with other major stakeholders to improve care coordination and reduce costs. For instance, we have established clinical collaborations with 70 major health systems to support joint clinical programs and electronic health record integration. And as part of the “medical neighborhood,” CVS Health is proud to help connect patients to medical homes and support a more coordinated and efficient health care system.

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