5 Health Care Resolutions for 2018

At the start of each year, many of us resolve to be healthier. At CVS Health, we help people on their path to better health every day through a variety of touch points that help consumers navigate a complex health care system, manage chronic conditions and strive to be their best self.

Below are five health care resolutions CVS Health can help consumers keep this year.

1. Take all medications as prescribed. Medications are often the first line of defense in treating and/or managing many chronic conditions. But, far too often, people do not take their medications as prescribed for a number of reasons including cost, medication side effects, or complex medication regimens that leave a patient guessing when or how often to take a drug. This can result in medical complications that can be debilitating and costly for the patient, payor and the health care system.

At CVS Health, we have a number of programs and services designed to help improve medication adherence by making it easier and more convenient for the patients we serve to take their medications as prescribed. For example, for patients with multiple medications, we offer the ScriptPath® prescription schedule, which uses easy-to-understand icons and provides a complete picture of the patient’s CVS Pharmacy prescription information all in one place, such as the name of medications, when to take each medication and how much medication to take in each dose. In addition, we can help align patients’ eligible prescription medications so they’re ready for pickup on the same day each month through our ScriptSync® program. And, our pharmacy benefit management (PBM) members can sign-up for automatic prescription refills for ongoing prescriptions through ReadyFill® and receive a 90-day supply of certain chronic medications through MaintenceChoice®, by mail or in-store.

2. Get routine health care screenings and vaccinations. Did you know that MinuteClinic offers many routine health care screenings? In fact, patients can receive a comprehensive health screening to identify potential risks for chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In addition, MinuteClinic practitioners can help monitor patients with certain chronic diseases including diabetes and high cholesterol in between visits to their primary care providers.

Staying current with vaccinations is essential to preventing many illnesses. At MinuteClinic, patients can get a flu shot or vaccination for pneumonia, whooping cough or meningitis. And, CVS pharmacists are also trained to administer certain vaccines, including the seasonal flu shot.

3. Make Healthy Eating a Habit. We recently announced the expansion of our assortment of healthy foods and beverages in thousands of our CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide. Nearly half of the foods found in our stores are “better-for-you” options, including our exclusive line, Gold Emblem Abound, which is free from artificial preservatives, flavors and colors and a carefully curated selection of national and niche better-for-you brands that make healthier eating on-the-go, convenient and affordable. In addition, hundreds of stores were reconfigured with new store layouts featuring prominent displays of healthy foods and grab-and-go snacks, making healthy snacking more convenient.

CVS Pharmacy is also the first national retail pharmacy to remove artificial trans fats from all exclusive store brand food products, as research shows that trans fat is linked to coronary heart disease. This underscores our commitment to our customer’s health.

4. Go digital! Our CVS Health digital tools and services make it easier for people to stay healthy, online and from anywhere. This includes the CVS Pharmacy app, which can help consumers save time and money with mobile payment, ExtraCare offers, and prescription information, including refill reminders and ordering. In addition, the CVS Specialty app can make disease and prescription management easier for our patients with complex and chronic conditions. And, through the CVS Caremark app, our PBM members can manage their pharmacy benefits, refill mail services prescriptions and view their prescription history from their phones.

5. Talk to your pharmacist. Pharmacists are on the front lines of health care and research shows that they are often one of the most trusted health care providers. Our pharmacists provide medication counseling to our PBM members through the Pharmacy Advisor® program, and in-store, CVS pharmacists can also help identify lower-cost alternatives to help patients save money and access the medications they need.

In addition, our pharmacists deliver disease management education and support in-store and by phone. For example, as part of the Transform Diabetes Care™ program, CVS Health PBM members with diabetes can get disease and lifestyle management and support. As part of CVS Specialty, specially trained pharmacists are part of therapy-specific CareTeams available to CVS Specialty patients to help them manage their complex, chronic condition(s).

For more information about CVS Health’s efforts to improve pharmacy care, visit our Health Care Delivery & Innovation information center and the CVS Health Impact Dashboard. And to stay informed about the most talked-about topics in health care, register for content alerts and our bi-weekly health care newsletter.