Our Comprehensive Approach to Saving Patients Money on Prescription Drugs

We’re helping to solve one of the nation’s most pressing problems and a major source of consumer financial worry.

As drug prices continue to rise and enrollment in high deductible health plans grows, many patients are shouldering higher costs for their prescription medications. That is why we’re offering the most comprehensive program in the industry to protect patients from these rising costs. Our robust set of initiatives will include the CVS Pharmacy Rx Savings Finder, a new step-by-step tool that allows pharmacists to identify lower cost options for patients, starting with confirming a patient’s insurance plan and moving through a number of savings options. The roll-out of this tool adds to existing enterprise and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solutions to address the high cost of prescription drugs.  

Our enterprise initiatives improve visibility into drug costs from the point of prescribing to the pharmacy counter.

New capabilities and programs allow our 30,000 retail pharmacists to quickly and seamlessly evaluate individual prescription savings opportunities right at the pharmacy counter. Other components of the company’s comprehensive savings approach also help reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients, including through our recently launched real-time benefits, the Point of Sale rebate program and preventive drug lists with $0 copays.

Learn about our comprehensive approach to address prescription drug costs.