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Corporate social responsibility

Grounded in innovation, CVS Health is working to solve the most complex public health challenges of our time. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is integral to how we deliver on our purpose.

Three health care workers, wearing PPE, make their hands into the shape of hearts.
A father seen playing with his two infant children in a bright, modern-looking room.
A father seen playing with his two infant children in a bright, modern-looking room.

Our key focus areas

Grounded in four pillars — Healthy People, Healthy Business, Healthy Community and Healthy Planet — Transform Health 2030 is more inclusive of our broader enterprise and the impact we can have as a health care leader. It conveys our mission to effectively utilize our scale, expertise and innovative spirit to transform the health care experience and invest in community health at the local level.

Healthy People

How we’re delivering on our purpose of helping people on their path to better health across all touch points.

To truly improve health outcomes, we need to be innovative and connect with people where they are — online, in their
workplaces and in their neighborhoods and communities.

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Healthy Business

We are committed to fostering a business that creates value for our colleagues, shareholders, partners, and supply chains.

Our role as one of the nation’s largest employers and a leader in the Fortune 100 provides us with an exceptional opportunity to drive economic growth through job creation and across our supply chain. We are committed to operating a healthy business for all our stakeholders.

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Healthy Community

We are delivering significant social impacts to support the health of communities across the U.S. and improve health outcomes in the communities we serve.

By working with other community focused organizations and through innovative programs that can be executed in a variety of communities, we are driving positive health outcomes and reducing overall costs.

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Healthy Planet

The health of our environment is inextricably linked to human health and we’re committed to doing our part as a health care leader.

We believe we have a responsibility as a leader in health care to help transform the health of our planet, just as we help people on their path to better health.

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