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Re-Training Providers to Achieve Proper Blood Pressure Measurement

MinuteClinic has partnered with the AMA and AHA to test a new e-learning module designed to regularly reinforce the guidelines for accurately taking patients’ blood pressure.
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Fighting Pneumonia With a Toothbrush: New Program Is Yielding Results

Our first-of-its-kind Rush to Brush program is combating hospital-acquired pneumonia by making it easier for patients to practice better oral health following surgery.
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How a Trusted Partnership Helped One Type 2 Patient Live Healthier

One of our pharmacists shares how she helped a patient overcome his soda habit and, ultimately, gain more control over his diabetes.
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Milken Institute Facilitates Meaningful Discussion on the Social Determinants of Health

Our Chief Policy and External Affairs Officer recently joined a panel discussion to talk about the ways we’re addressing locally the factors that impact overall health.
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Multi-Dose Packaging Is Making It Easier to Take Medications

Presorted by dose, date and time into easy-to-open packets, our multi-dose packaging is helping customers and members keep up with prescriptions and stay on a path to better health.
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Coram Nurses Help Teen Bike across the Country

When a 17-year-old patient with Gaucher’s disease had an opportunity to go on a cross-country adventure, our Coram nurses coordinated his infusion so that he could complete the trip without missing a treatment.
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Managing Diabetes

We’re helping people with diabetes better manage their day-to-day symptoms and lead healthier lives through an integrated approach that connects patients to our many care and support offerings.
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By the Numbers: Improving Diabetes Care

In honor of American Diabetes Month, we recently partnered with Morning Consult to conduct a survey to better understand how people living with diabetes and the providers who deliver diabetes care are grappling with the disease.
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Everyday Steps Are Critical for Managing Diabetes

A participant in one of our recent Project Health events shares her experience with diabetes and why being proactive, including getting regular health screenings, is so important to managing her condition.
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Developing Bilingual Pharmacists to Break Down Barriers

We believe you can’t build healthy communities unless you have a workforce that reflects those communities, which is why we’re creating programs to ensure that we can better serve our Spanish-speaking customers.
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