Coram CVS Specialty Infusion Services

Coram CVS Specialty Infusion Services delivers high-quality infusion therapy services in home-based and outpatient settings to more than 205,000 patients per year.

Infusion therapy refers to the process of delivering medication into the bloodstream via needle or catheter. These procedures can be performed in hospitals, ambulatory infusion centers, retail settings, and in patients’ homes with the help of experienced home infusion nurses and pharmacists. Coram offers a comprehensive range of infusion services that include:

  • Anti-infectives

  • Nutrition (parenteral and enteral)

  • Cardiac inotropes

  • Immunoglobulins

  • Alpha-1 augmentation

  • Pre- and post-transplant therapies

  • Pain & palliative care

  • Hemophilia therapies

Convenient care

Coram delivers convenient care to more than 205,000 patients each year. As a leading provider in home infusion therapy services, Coram helps many patients avoid extended hospital stays or placement in nursing homes. Services are also provided at more than 90 locations nationwide, including more than 70 ambulatory infusion suites and 5 CVS Pharmacy locations.

This combination of infusion suites, retail settings, and home-based care allows Coram to provide infusion care to adults and children of all ages where they live, work, and travel.

Cost-effective care

Home infusion is not only more convenient for many patients, it often saves money. Costs associated with infusion therapies are typically $1,928 to $2,974 lower when they are delivered in patients’ homes rather than in hospitals or doctors’ offices, according to a study from the CVS Health Research Institute. Lower costs associated with home therapy are accompanied by outcomes similar to or better than those achieved in other settings.

Quality care

Coram is committed to ensuring patients receive high-quality infusion therapy services, whether in their homes or in one of our locations. Among our home-based patients, many enjoy better clinical outcomes and fewer complications than hospital- or clinic-based patients. Similarly, patients receiving care at one of our ambulatory infusion suites can expect high-quality care delivered in a comfortable setting with desirable amenities and flexible scheduling.

Visit Coram’s website for more details about available services and to find a location near you.