Infusion Services

Coram, a service provided by CVS Health, provides vital infusion services and expert support to tens of thousands of Americans each month.

Infusion therapy, when medication is delivered through a needle or catheter into a vein, can take place in many settings, including at home with the help of experienced home infusion nurses and pharmacists. Coram provides convenient, cost-effective and high-quality care to patients with a range of acute and chronic conditions, including:

  • immune deficiencies;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • multiple sclerosis; and
  • nutritional deficiencies caused by chronic conditions such as cancer.

Convenient Care

Care is provided in patients’ homes or through our national network of more than 85 locations and more than 65 ambulatory (outpatient) infusion suites.

These locations offer patients a safe and convenient alternative to hospital- and clinic-based infusion settings. Coram offers flexible scheduling, including evening hours and weekend appointments and the infusion suites provide a comfortable environment for infusion or injection therapies. 

Cost-effective Care

Infused therapies can be administered in many settings – including hospitals, physicians’ offices, infusion centers and patients' homes. However, costs related to where the drug is administered can vary significantly. A CVS Health analysis demonstrates that providing infusion services in the home or an ambulatory setting are by far the most cost-effective sites of service.

Quality Care

Coram provides high-quality, personalized care and support whether in an outpatient infusion suite or in the patient’s home. Coram’s experienced clinicians ensure patients receive safe and consistent care. In fact, Coram has a 96 percent patient satisfaction rate. Coram is also accredited by The Joint Commission, which ensures excellence in care, services and customer satisfaction.