Making Connections through Colleague Resource Groups

As one of the largest employers in the United States, it’s important to offer programs that help our employees develop and grow professionally, while also providing the opportunity to connect with one another through a particular affinity, culture or perspective.

Our Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) serve this purpose for more than 7,800 employees across 45 states and Puerto Rico.

A Variety of Perspectives

There are more than a dozen CRGs operating more than 40 chapters across our organization. These groups represent a wide variety of professional, cultural and personal interests. These include:

  • Asian Professional Network Association

  • Black Colleague Resource Group

  • Faith (supporting religious diversity in the workplace)

  • Green Team (supporting environmental sustainability)

  • PRIDE LGBTA Resource Group

  • Valor (supporting veterans’ interests)

  • Women’s Success Network

CRGs Benefit Our Employees and Our Company

CRGs offer a variety of benefits for our employees and for our company. Employees receive support for their professional development through networking, mentoring, and learning and development opportunities. In addition, our CRGs serve as a focused communication channel between company leadership and employees meant to foster open dialogue about company initiatives, company policies, practices and our products and services. 

CRG members are also exposed to educational and awareness-building opportunities such as workshops, panel discussions and guest speakers, cultural events and celebrations, cross-group collaboration and community involvement.

CVS Health benefits through the insight and advice CRGs can provide through unique knowledge of particular markets, demographics and customer, particularly in relation to sales, customer service, marketing and development of products and services.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Valor, our CRG supporting veterans and active duty military members, assisted with our partnership with the Veterans Affairs Health Care System to offer urgent care services to veterans through MinuteClinic. The group provided invaluable perspective on veterans’ experience with health care.

  • The Portuguese and Latino Employee Group (PLEG) advised on the integration of our Navarro pharmacy chain, acquired in September 2014, which serves the Hispanic community in South Florida.

  • PRIDE, our LGBTA (LGBT and Allies) CRG, assisted with the development of our new Transgender Workplace Transition guidelines.

CRGs are one component of our comprehensive Strategic Diversity Management Program. For more information about diversity and inclusion at CVS Health, visit