2017 Formulary Strategy: Helping Contain Prescription Drug Costs

At CVS Health, we are acting vigilantly to help our clients contain their costs while supporting their members with affordable prescription drugs benefits. A key to containing cost is effective formulary management. This is essential at a time when escalating drug prices as well as the introduction of new costly therapies are creating significant challenges to the affordability of health care. Our solutions include rapid responses to the quickly evolving market.

Our 2017 formulary management strategy continues to address emerging cost drivers with new, market-leading enhancements:

  • Embracing the Future with Biosimilars and Follow-on Biologics

  • Creating Additional Client Value with Indication-Based Formulary

  • Tackling Hyperinflationary Drugs to Reduce Their Cost Impact

We are also taking steps to address “limited source generics” which are products with limited generic manufacturers resulting in significant cost in the market. These products will be evaluated and if appropriate, be excluded during the year.

Learn more in our recent 2017 formulary strategy communication.