Promoting Health By Removing Trans Fats

CVS Pharmacy is the first national retailer, outside of natural food stores, to stop carrying foods containing partially hydrogenated oils (PHO), the primary source of artificial trans fats in processed foods. Since June 30, 2017, all foods shipping to CVS Pharmacy distribution centers are free from artificial trans fats. This announcement comes one year ahead of the Food and Drug Administration’s June 2018 deadline for processed foods to be reformulated without artificial trans fats.

The Trouble with Trans Fats

Trans fats are linked to rising rates of heart disease in the U.S., and the removal of artificial trans fats in processed foods is expected to aid in reducing coronary heart disease and help prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year. In January 2017, CVS Pharmacy became the first retail pharmacy to remove artificial trans fats from its own store brand foods.

“Earlier this year, we announced the removal of artificial trans fats from our store brand foods and today we proudly share we’ve successfully enforced this standard across all the food brands we carry,” said Judy Sansone, Senior Vice President, Front Store Business and Chief Merchant, CVS Health. “As a leading health destination, expediting the removal of trans fats from all foods carried in our stores is of critical importance and a key part of how we’re responding to a growing customer desire for more, better-for-you choices.”

Evolving to Meet Customer Needs

Since making the decision to stop selling tobacco products in 2014, CVS Pharmacy continues to evolve to meet changing customer health needs and expectations, including:

  • Removing certain chemicals from beauty and personal care lines: By the end of 2019, all parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde donors in products within the CVS Health, Beauty 360, Essence of Beauty, Promise Organic and Blade store brand product lines will be removed.
  • New standards for vitamins and supplements: CVS Pharmacy is developing new standards for vitamins and supplements, with the goal of full implementation by 2019. The standards will require third-party testing of ingredient listings for vitamins and supplements, as well as product testing for certain ingredients of concern.
  • Better-for-You Foods: Following the addition of hundreds of better-for-you choices in 2016, even more better-for-you food, snack and beverage options have been introduced and now make up approximately half of all foods available in-store.
  • Shelf tagging system: CVS Pharmacy’s shelf tagging program helps customers identify better-for-you choices throughout the store. Foods that fit nutritional and dietary preferences including heart healthy, good source of protein, gluten free, sugar free, organic and non-GMO project verified, are highlighted with “Purposeful Choices” shelf tags, making it easier for customers to find items that fit their lifestyle needs and dietary preferences.

These enhancements are part of CVS Pharmacy’s larger efforts to make it easier and more convenient than ever for customers to find products that support their health and well-being. To learn more about the better-for-you foods available at CVS Pharmacy, please visit