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The Truth Behind Drug Rebates and How to Help Make Drugs More Affordable

Rising drug prices are having an impact on patients every day, especially those in high deductible health plans who are paying an increasing share of the cost of their prescription drugs. While the current debate about drug pricing and the role of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) centers on rebates and their impact on drug costs, it omits key facts and obscures the truth behind rising drug costs. At CVS Health, we are debunking the pervasive myth that rebates drive up drug prices by showing that rebate retention is not correlated with higher drug prices.

In addition, often lost in the debate is a discussion of what is working. For example, PBM cost containment strategies have a proven track record of helping improve medication adherence and promoting better patient health while keeping drug cost inflation under control in spite of continued manufacturer driven drug price increases.

At CVS Health, we are committed to using every tool possible and continuing to drive innovation to bring down the cost of drugs. We remain focused on providing the right drug to the right patient at the right time at the lowest possible cost.

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