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Private Sector Solutions to America’s Health Care Challenges

“Our job is to ensure the right care for consumers and to lower costs … to extract costs from the [health care] system, not add to them.”

This was the message CVS Health Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel Tom Moriarty shared at the 2017 Bloomberg Intelligence Health Care Summit, an event that brings together thought leaders from across the health care spectrum to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues.

The discussion was particularly timely, noted Moriarty, as policymakers on Capitol Hill debate changes to the health care system. “It’s an exciting and eventful time to be in the health care arena,” he said, adding that “there are still many more challenges all of us must grapple with as we move forward – regardless of how events in Washington play out.”

Assessing the Current Landscape

Health care spending continues to account for a growing share of the economy, and if current trends continue, family budgets, job creation and other important investments could be constrained. This scenario is avoidable, but according to Moriarty, “we need to understand how we got here in order to fix it.”

Moriarty highlighted four characteristics of the American health care system:

Leading the Way to Better Health Outcomes and Lower Costs

As a company that touches consumers and patients at multiple points along the care continuum, CVS Health has learned valuable lessons on how to drive better patient outcomes and lower health care costs. As examples, Moriarty pointed to the company’s efforts aimed at addressing the most pressing challenges in the health care system:

Moriarty acknowledged that there is no one strategy to address the growing health care challenges, but stressed that while we don’t have all the answers, every part of the health care system has a role to play in finding solutions that can help drive down costs and improve patient care.

Read the full text of Tom Moriarty’s remarks at the Bloomberg Intelligence Health Care Summit.

Private Sector Solutions to America's Health Care Challenges from CVS Health


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