CVS Caremark Helps Keep Medications Affordable

To be clear, the price of prescription drugs is set by the pharmaceutical manufacturers. To help our our pharmacy benefit management (PBM) clients manage the rising prices of prescription drugs, CVS Caremark offers a variety of solutions to help drive down drug trend for our PBM clients and drug costs for the patients they support. For example:

  • In 2017, despite manufacturer brand list price increases on drugs near 10 percent, CVS Caremark PBM strategies reduced drug trend for our commercial PBM clients to the lowest level in five years. In fact, 42 percent of CVS Caremark commercial PBM clients spent less on their pharmacy benefit plan in 2017 than they had in 2016.

  • For patients, we recently launched the industry’s most comprehensive approach to saving patients money on their prescriptions. As part of this, we have enabled real-time benefits to bring drug cost transparency and drug benefit information to members and physicians at the point-of-prescribing and at the pharmacy counter, with promising early results.

  • In 2013, we led the market by introducing Point-of-Sale (POS) rebates that enable clients to pass along the value of a negotiated rebate on a drug directly to the patient at the pharmacy counter.  Today, nearly 10 million of the members we support benefit from these POS rebates.

  • We develop formulary strategies that enable our PBM clients to offer their members $0 copays on medications for certain common, chronic medications. A move that helps improve health outcomes by encouraging patients to be adherent to their medications, while also helping them save money.