Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

We’re committed to helping people live longer, healthier lives, and are actively working toward the goal of making the next generation tobacco free. That’s why the CVS Health Foundation has partnered with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the leader in youth tobacco awareness, prevention and advocacy, to launch the “Making the Next Generation Tobacco-Free” grant program.

This five-year, $5 million commitment, announced in early 2015, provides grants to organizations committed to implementing public health strategies to reduce youth tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Promoting a tobacco-free lifestyle among our nation’s youth is especially important because most tobacco users begin smoking well before they are legally allowed to purchase cigarettes. In fact, every day more than 2,800 kids under the age of 18 nationwide try smoking for the first time, and 2.7 million high school students in the United States still smoke.

The first group of grants awarded in 2015 includes:

BREATHE California of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA

BREATHE California plans to reach approximately 8,000 third- to eighth-grade students throughout Los Angeles County as part of the "No to Tobacco" prevention program, which focuses on underserved populations. The program includes educational modules on lung health and the cost of tobacco, and provides youth with the confidence and skills they need to lead tobacco-free lives.

California School-Based Health Alliance, Oakland, CA

California School-Based Health Alliance will increase the capacity of school-based health centers (SBHC) to implement youth-led tobacco prevention programs and educate kids throughout the state. With this grant, California School-Based Health Alliance plans to provide training for SBHC staff and reach 2,000 youths with tobacco-prevention education.

Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania plans to expand its Advocacy Institute (AI), which provides training for youth-led public health advocacy. The expansion will bring the AI into additional counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania, increase membership in the AI Alumni Network and allow the council to host a Youth Leadership Summit that will train additional youth on tobacco prevention and control.

Ohio Public Health Partnership, Columbus, OH

Ohio Public Health Partnership (OPHP) plans to educate lawmakers and the public to support an increase in the Ohio tobacco tax, equalize the tax on other tobacco products and designate 12 cents of every $1 of the proposed tax increase for tobacco use prevention and cessation. OPHP will implement tobacco-prevention and cessation programs that target youth, pregnant women and other high-priority individuals.