From Camper to Counselor

From Camper to Counselor, Jassamine Domino

All Kids Can spoke with Jassamine Domino, former Camp Wonder camper and current counselor to learn about her experiences at Camp Wonder, a place that gives children living with a chronic skin disease the chance to experience the joy of summer camp.

All Kids Can Blog: How did you learn about Camp Wonder?

Jassamine Domino: I have Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a skin disease that causes the skin to be fragile and easily injured, which can result in painful blisters. In 2004, I attended the DebRA Patient Care Conference for EB with my mom. Camp Wonder had a booth at the conference, and we visited the booth to learn more about the summer program. They gave me an application and I decided to fill it out to attend Camp Wonder. 

AKCB: How old were you when you first went to Camp Wonder?

JD: I was 16 when I first went to Camp Wonder. The first two summers I went, I was a camper, and I went back for the following eight summers as a counselor.

AKCB: Do you have a favorite Camp Wonder memory?

JD: Yes, my favorite memory is from my first summer as a camper. There was a group of girls who I noticed in the first few days of camp, because they seemed like a great group of friends and really fun. One day, Camp Wonder scheduled a boat ride as the day’s activity. And, the group of friends invited me to go out on the boat with them! It was such a great feeling, because it was the first time I finally felt accepted. I am still friends with those girls today.

AKCB: That sounds like a great way to make long-lasting friendships. What was the most important thing Camp Wonder taught you?

JD: The most important thing Camp Wonder has taught me is that life is precious and to not take it for granted. People struggle with all types of disabilities, but there is always joy to be found!

AKCB: You were a Camp Wonder camper and then a counselor. What was it like to change roles at Camp Wonder?

JD: It was definitely a transition! Now, every summer I am responsible for a group of girls and making sure they get what they need to make their week an unforgettable experience. I absolutely love and adore my campers. Being able to mentor and be like a big sister to some of the campers is a great feeling. They know they can come to me for anything and I will be there for them at camp and beyond.

AKCB: Do you have a favorite part about being a counselor?

JD: I love getting to know my campers and sharing our life experiences with each other is my favorite part of camp. Seeing that they’re able to be themselves without a care in the world is a great feeling. We are truly a family at Camp Wonder!

AKCB: It sounds like Camp Wonder is a nurturing, close-knit community! What do you hope kids take away from their experience there?

JD: I hope the kids realize how truly special they are! And, that they have no limits when it comes to what the world will offer them and what they can give.

AKCB: You designed this year’s limited-edition Cetaphil Camp Wonder label. One dollar from every Camp Wonder special-edition Moisturizing Cream sold exclusively at CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide will be donated to Camp Wonder. What inspired your artwork?

JD: Camp Wonder is a place where kids with skin diseases can go and be themselves. When I was designing this year’s limited-edition label, I wanted to show that whether kids have skin diseases or not, we are all the same. I hope the label helps raise awareness about Camp Wonder and that people will support the campaign, because it is so important and valuable for kids to be able to have fun and positive experiences at places like Camp Wonder.

AKCB: Do you plan to return to Camp Wonder as a counselor next summer?

JD: I will most definitely return to Camp Wonder next summer. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

All Kids Can thanks Jassamine Domino for sharing her Camp Wonder stories and memories with us. Click here to learn more about Camp Wonder. CVS Caremark is proud to partner with Cetaphil in support of Camp Wonder and to help children learn, play, build confidence and simply have fun!