Inspiring Employees and Building Customer Loyalty

Eileen Howard Boone, CVS Health’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy and President, CVS Health Foundation, explains how creating a business culture focused on giving back affects employees and consumers.

In today’s competitive landscape, brands need to be purpose-driven if they want to outperform their competitors and increase their bottom line. The same rule applies if they want to keep their employees happy and their customers loyal.

By maximizing partnerships with non-profit organizations, companies can create opportunities that allow their employees and customers to also play an important role in the company’s purpose.

Here are some ways non-profit partnerships can pay off for both employees and customers:  

Employee benefits:

Consumer benefits: 

  • Brand loyalty: Just as employees value an organization that makes a social impact, this also holds true for consumers. In a 2014 study by Nielsen, 55 percent of global online consumers said they’d be willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to a positive social impact.

  • Power in numbers: Consumers are great allies in the support for non-profit organizations and their social causes. For example, we annually host in-store fundraising campaigns for Stand Up to Cancer and the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative. Over the past three years, generous donations from customers and colleagues have helped us to raise over $25 million for these important causes.

By maximizing the partnerships we have with non-profit organizations, we’re able to bring our colleagues and customers together for one common purpose: helping people on their path to better health. And that leads to a more engaged workforce and healthier communities.

To learn more about CVS Health’s efforts to increase access to health care and improve outcomes through corporate giving, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility information center.