Our Prescription for a Better World: Planet in Balance

We believe that there is a strong connection between human health and the health of our planet. That’s why we consider the environmental impacts of everything we do, from our products and packaging, to our supply chain, to construction and energy use. Our commitment to a healthier planet is one of the three pillars of our Prescription for a Better World, our corporate social responsibility strategy.

We call this pillar Planet in Balance, and focus on three areas for continuous improvement:

Sustainable Operations

We are working hard to reduce our environmental impacts, particularly in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), water and energy use, and waste management, such as:

  • Retrofitting our facilities with energy-efficient LED lighting

  • Reducing the amount of materials we use and increasing our opportunities to recycle, including wireless devices

  • Implementing enhanced routing software for our fleet of delivery trucks to reduce GHG emissions

Sustainable Products and Packaging

We believe that the CVS Brand and private-label products we offer must be aligned with consumer demands for safe, effective and environmentally preferred ingredients, and packaged and labeled with sufficient information to educate consumers. Our efforts in this area include:

  • Participating with industry groups, our peers and product and chemical manufacturers to find opportunities to enhance product safety and sustainable chemical management

  • Reducing the amount of packaging needed while maintaining our products’ integrity

  • Increasing rigor around our label-claims practices, including due diligence on certifications used to classify organic, non-GMO and other claims to ensure their reliability

Internal and External Engagement Around Our Sustainability Vision

Employees and suppliers are an integral part of our sustainability strategy. We have many ways to engage these groups, including:

  • Ensuring our suppliers comply with our Vendor Code of Conduct, which contains specific environmental and social criteria against which they are audited.

  • Procuring paper and from sustainable sources, with a goal of 100 percent of our paper stock from these sources by 2020

  • Developing a Colleague Resource Group that is focused on sustainability, and establishing sustainability committees involving colleagues from across the organization

We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved over time. For example, in 2015:

  • 120,000 tons of cardboard were recovered across stores, corporate offices and distribution centers

  • 20,000 tons of other materials were recycled at retail stores, corporate offices and distribution centers

  • Our transportation management program saved 34,450 gallons of fuel

For more information about our sustainability efforts and our Prescription for a Better World, download our 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.