A Boost for Diverse Suppliers

Margi McGrath was pleasantly surprised during a CVS Health supplier diversity presentation day in 2014 when CVS Health executives gave her nearly two hours to present her firm’s capabilities and discuss her plans.

“Our presentation can’t be done in 15 minutes,” says McGrath, owner of Universal Printing Company in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. “It was the first time in our company’s history that we’ve gone to a company the size of CVS Health and been treated as partners at the table.”

The meeting gave McGrath the confidence to buy an expensive, sophisticated printing press and to undertake a robust certification process to prepare the company to be a successful CVS Health partner.

CVS Health executives advised her on the press as well as the certification process. “A lot of companies go to supplier diversity fairs, have a booth and make promises,” McGrath says. “CVS Health truly invests in mentoring and fostering relationships with diverse suppliers.”

“I think the fact that I came in as a woman with a collaborative approach has helped to create a positive culture.”

In 2016, CVS Health awarded McGrath and Universal Printing Company a Ruby Award. The award recognizes suppliers who demonstrate exemplary performance, industry leadership, business success, economic impact, community involvement and a strong commitment to the company’s purpose and values.

Watch a video about Margi McGrath and her team at Universal Printing Company.

McGrath, a mother of four, had been a writer and editor before buying the small printing business in 1995 and rapidly shifting it toward the growing health care market.

For CVS Health, Universal Printing Company processes, prints and fulfills materials for members and providers, and also marketing materials. The work requires teams with diverse skills to achieve quick turnarounds while maintaining high levels of precision and quality. McGrath believes that being a woman has helped her develop the leadership skills needed to manage such challenging projects.

“The importance of the human element is what I’ve tried to stress,” she says. “I think the fact that I came in as a woman with a collaborative approach has helped to create a positive culture.”

With support from CVS Health, Universal is hiring and investing in yet another sophisticated press. “We’re in it for the long haul,” McGrath says. “The true intent of CVS Health is to help diverse suppliers get a leg up, and that’s exactly what happened here.”

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