Our Prescription for a Better World: Health in Action

As a health care leader and pharmacy innovation company, we believe that health is everything. Our commitment to helping patients prevent and manage chronic disease, ensuring quality and safety of care, and leveraging our growing size and scale for the benefit of our patients and customers is one of the three pillars of our Prescription for a Better World, corporate social responsibility strategy.

We call this pillar Health in Action, and focus on three areas for continuous improvement:

Accessible and Affordable Health Care

More Americans have health care coverage than ever before, but making health care more accessible and affordable remains an important goal. Through our diverse set of capabilities, CVS Health offers health care services to more than 100 million people each year. These include:

  • Providing quality care to millions of Americans at MinuteClinic, with most services available for less than $100 and more than 80% covered by insurance.
  • Using our size and scale in the marketplace to help bring down prescription drug costs for our patients, clients, and plan members.
  • Helping people who may not have the resources to pay for medical care to connect to free preventive health services through Project Health.
  • Educating patients about how different parts of the health care system play a role in keeping them healthy and about the resources available within the medical neighborhood.

Support for Patients with Chronic Disease

Today about half of all Americans suffer from one or more chronic health conditions, which is increasing costs and putting increased pressure on an already strained health care system. We understand the challenges associated with chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity and cancer, and are taking action to help patients manage their health, including:

  • Helping patients stay on track with their medications through Pharmacy Advisor, in which pharmacists counsel patients through face-to-face conversations or by phone, helping them with all aspects of pharmacy health.
  • Offering a suite of MinuteClinic health and wellness services designed to help patients manage and improve their chronic conditions, including screenings and monitoring for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  • Helping specialty medication patients manage their prescriptions through our Specialty Connect prescription services program, and providing support through a care team of pharmacists and nurses who are equipped to address their needs and medication concerns.

Patient and Customer Well-Being and Safety

Helping people on their path to better health means focusing on improving medication adherence, expanding our network of integrated care to close the coordination gap, investing in best-in-class technologies and processes for the safe dispensing of prescription medicines, and supporting organizations that provide programming in the areas of chronic disease management, tobacco cessation and prevention and mitigating prescription drug abuse. Our efforts in these areas include:

  • Improving medication adherence by promoting lower-cost drug options, providing digital tools to make adherence easier and educating patients about the risks associated with non-adherence.
  • Investing in Be The First, our five-year, $50 million initiative that supports education, advocacy, tobacco control and healthy behavior programming, with the goal of delivering the first tobacco-free generation.
  • Working to address prescription opioid abuse and dependence epidemic through prescription drug take-back and community prevention programs.

For more information about our Prescription for a Better World, download our 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.