Corporate Social Responsibility Material Topics

Every other year we conduct a comprehensive materiality assessment to ensure we are addressing and reporting on topics that reflect our significant economic, environmental and social impacts, or that substantively influence the assessments and decisions of our stakeholders. 

We find issues from our 2017 assessment remain relevant for the 2018 reporting year and we will conduct another materiality assessment in 2019 to reflect our evolving business strategy and stakeholder expectations.

Our material issues have been aligned with the three pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility framework: Building Healthier Communities, Leading and Inspiring Growth and Protecting Our Planet and each issue is explored in more detail in our full Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The issues are placed on a matrix (see below) that displays their position for both the level of stakeholder interest and potential business impact for CVS Health. Together, the results represent the material issues facing our business that our stakeholders care about. 

Defining our material issues

Understanding and prioritizing the issues that matter to our business and our stakeholders enables us to address the most impactful issues and report our progress on these issues. We define issues to be material to our business in terms of:

  • The degree to which an issue is aligned with our purpose and offerings.
  • The potential economic, environmental and social impacts.
  • The importance of the issue to our key stakeholders.

The assessment was completed in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards’ guidance for defining material topics and informs the content of this Report, as well as our continually evolving CSR strategy. You can read more about our methodology and findings within our full Corporate Social Responsibility Report.