Material topics

In 2020, we conducted a brief landscape assessment of relevant trends and an evaluation of our own efforts to reassess our material topics rankings. We saw changes that were reflective of the experiences of our nation, patients, colleagues and business partners in 2020 and have captured those shifts in the ranking of topics. Of most significance was the increase in importance and prioritization of patient and customer safety; data protection and privacy; and diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

Learn about our material topics and approach in our 2020 CSR Report (PDF).

Materiality chart showing the significance of Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts and the Influence on Stakeholder Assessments and Decisions.


Very High

1. Access to quality health care
2. Patient and customer safety
3. Data protection and privacy
4. Diversity, equity and inclusion
5. Pricing of drugs and services
6. Employee health and safety
7. Product quality and ingredients
8. Human rights
9. Wages and benefits
10. Climate action


11. Supply chain responsibility
12. Transparency
13. Responsible marketing and advertising
14. Packaging
15. Sustainable operations
16. Prescription drug misuse
17. Community investments
18. Ethics and compliance
19. Waste


20. Public policy
21. Governance
22. Social determinants of health
23. Chronic disease prevention and management
24. Smoking cessation
25. Medication adherence
26. Water
27. Workforce development
28. Risk management