Safe, Rewarding and Inclusive Workplace

  • Focus: Job Creation, Best-in-Class Workplace and Career Opportunities

    We invest in career development opportunities to help our colleagues advance within our business. We also invest in outreach programs to attract new colleagues from an increasingly diverse talent pool. And we continue to invest in programs that keep our colleagues safe at work, as well as ensure that they uphold our workplace practices and policies.

  • Creating Jobs

    As our company has grown, many new jobs have been created. Job creation not only provides a livelihood for people, it also spurs economic activity within local communities. In 2015, we hired more than 83,000 new colleagues at our retail locations, more than 11,000 at our corporate facilities and distribution centers, and nearly 1,300 at MinuteClinic. In addition, we filled thousands of newly created positions across the enterprise and hired more than 20,000 youth in full- and part-time summer positions. Beyond this, we also employed 1,500 trainees in registered apprenticeships as pharmacy technicians and assistant store managers, provided experiential learning opportunities to 2,298 colleagues, and in total have created more than 100,000 opportunities for individuals to transition from public assistance to meaningful jobs and career paths.

  • Investing in a Future Workforce

    Demand for qualified health care professionals is rising at an unprecedented rate. Attracting health care professionals to CVS Health is critical to our success, and we have put programs in place to ensure we remain an employer of choice.

    Cultivating New Pharmacy Professionals

    We continue to invest in partnerships and programs that help attract youth to careers in pharmacy and health care. One such program is Pathways to Pharmacy. Since 2006, this program has introduced more than 1 million under-served young people to the world of pharmacy, inspiring them to consider careers in our industry by providing training through job shadowing or internships in CVS Pharmacy stores.

    Our Registered Apprenticeship program is another example of how we are opening doors to pharmacy careers. Since 2005, we have successfully placed more than 1,500 colleagues in apprenticeship career tracks as pharmacy technicians. We recently announced our intention to double the size of this program to 3,000 participants by 2020, which President Obama highlighted during his 2015 State of the Union address. In 2015, we also introduced our first apprenticeships in store management. Our goal for 2016 is to expand the scale of our apprenticeship program from three states to 10. We are also exploring new apprenticeships in nursing to support our MinuteClinic expansion and in information technology, to support our focus on digital initiatives in health care.

    We also offer Pharmacy Residency & Fellowship Programs, which are designed to develop the professional and clinical skills of our pharmacists and cultivate their leadership talents. And we are helping to prepare our future workforce through the CVS Health Foundation Pharmacy Scholarship program, which supports the most promising pharmacists of tomorrow as they complete their education. The Foundation distributes scholarships to pharmacy schools across the country and provided $550,000 in scholarship funding in 2015. In 2016, we launched a scholarship program through the CVS Health Foundation to support nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

    Building Retail Careers

    Our investments in workforce development have helped us meet the need for good jobs in the communities we serve while also meeting our own need for colleagues who can deliver the best customer service in our industry.

    We have established six Regional Learning Centers (RLCs) to help attract and cultivate talent interested in retail careers, providing a pipeline of potential hires for both hourly and management positions in our largest markets. Operating in collaboration with community colleges and other community service partners, our centers supported the training and development of more than 16,000 CVS Health retail colleagues in 2015 and, through our partnerships, provided valuable pre-employment skills and continuing education to an additional 125 job seekers.

    Early in 2016, we opened a new RLC specifically to hire veterans, current uniformed service members and military spouses. We plan to add another RLC in 2016 in Chicago to help thousands of additional people build customer-service and health care-related jobs skills.

    In addition, our RLCs support our continued investments in programs that facilitate hiring new colleagues who were previously on public assistance prior to joining our workforce. In 2015, we hired more than 1,960 people through our Welfare to Work initiative, and measured a 65% retention rate of these colleagues compared to an average of 37% of employees at other retailers.

  • Advancing the Careers of our Colleagues

    Career development opportunities are important to our colleagues and a priority area for our company. With more than 40% of our workforce under the age of 30, it is important that we provide colleagues with opportunities that support their professional growth.

    We have created a suite of leadership training programs for both retail and enterprise colleagues.

    Retail Leadership Programs

    Foundations for Leading and Learning

    Introduced in 2014, this program was designed for store and pharmacy managers who want to build their leadership skills and prepare for advancement. In addition to classroom sessions, participants take part in action-learning assignments and experiential mentorships over a 10- to 12-month period. More than 730 store and pharmacy managers participated during 2015.

    Emerging Leaders

    This program provides development opportunities, including key learning exercises as well as mentoring and coaching sessions, for colleagues on career paths for district manager, pharmacy supervisor, region manager or human resources business partner roles. After meeting defined, role-specific requirements, individuals participate in virtual job try-outs and area-level round-robin interviews.

    Leads Program

    A classroom-based leadership development program geared toward all newly promoted district managers, pharmacy supervisors and MinuteClinic practice managers.

    Enterprise Leadership Programs

    Foundations for Leading and Learning

    This program provides newly promoted first-level managers and leaders with a deeper understanding of the enterprise business. Participants attend classroom and online sessions over a 12-month period. In 2015, approximately 300 new managers participated.

    Enterprise Leadership

    A newly developed, mid-level leadership initiative in partnership with Duke Corporate Education. It will provide targeted leadership training to approximately 300 mid-level enterprise colleagues. The program will be launched in 2016.

    Leaders of Tomorrow

    This program provides high-potential, mid-level colleagues from across the enterprise with cross-functional learning and accelerated leadership development sessions over an 18-month period.

    Leadership Forum

    This forum cultivates future leaders by providing them with an integrated view of health care. The 18-month program was re-launched in November 2015 to offer 33 high-potential senior level leaders the opportunity to champion our culture, employ strategic thinking and develop and grow connections across the enterprise.

    Enterprise-wide Training and Development

    All CVS Health colleagues receive orientation and training specific to their roles when they are hired. Through LEARNet, our online portal that helps colleagues plan and manage their formal learning, we also provide ongoing opportunities for colleagues to upgrade skills using 40,000 learning activities across a variety of areas, such as project planning and time management. In 2015, colleagues completed more than 7 million courses.

  • Delivering Comprehensive Benefits and Compensation

    Our colleagues are provided with a benefits package that is comprehensive, competitive and customizable to meet their personal needs and goals. But benefits and compensation come in many forms, which is why we also invest in wellness programs, recognize our colleagues for their achievements, and invite their feedback to learn how we can improve their workplace experience.

    Our benefits package for all colleagues who work 30 or more hours per week includes: comprehensive medical and prescription coverage with a company contribution to a Health Savings Account (HSA); vision and dental coverage with contributions payable on a pre-tax basis; a 401(k); a colleague stock purchase plan; adoption benefits; life, accident and disability insurance; supplemental medical options; flexible spending accounts for health and dependent care; paid time off; tuition reimbursement; and a colleague discount at our stores, as well as access to many other colleague discounts.

    Colleagues who work fewer than 30 hours per week are eligible for a different benefits package, which includes supplemental medical options, dental and vision coverage, as well as supplemental life insurance, all of which are paid for by the colleague on a pre-tax basis. As a result, approximately 3,800 retail colleagues who were working an average of 30 or more hours per week over a 12-month measurement period became eligible for our full-time benefits package. At the same time, approximately 1,800 colleagues who were working less than 30 hours per week and were no longer eligible for company subsidized medical coverage were provided assistance in navigating the public marketplace to find affordable coverage suited to their individual needs.

    Our company is also committed to providing fair compensation to all of our colleagues, and we meet all state and federal minimum wage requirements.

  • Helping Colleagues On Their Path to Better Health

    Our purpose of helping people on their path to better health is at the heart of our colleague health and wellness programs. Over the past few years, we have introduced resources and incentives to encourage colleagues to make healthier choices and take responsibility for their health care spending.

    Health Savings Accounts

    The comprehensive health benefits plan that we offer our colleagues is a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), coupled with a contribution to their HSA. We began the transition to this model in 2013 and completed it in 2014. The benefit of an HSA is it enables colleagues to save pre-tax dollars in an interest-bearing bank account and use the funds to pay their out-of-pocket health care expenses. The company's annual contribution to colleagues' HSAs varies by colleague salary level, the lower the salary, the higher the company contribution to allow for affordable health care for all colleagues. On average, we contribute $1,100 annually per enrolled colleague. In addition, close to 60% of colleagues contribute their own money to their HSA each year. We believe this type of plan encourages personal accountability and better health care consumerism. Based on preliminary results, our colleagues are adopting more cost-effective health care spending habits, such as opting for generic medications over brands and using more affordable places of service, such as MinuteClinic, without sacrificing necessary care. As we have gained a better understanding of our colleagues' evolving needs, we have refined the program. For instance, we introduced an HSA feature that helps colleagues with cash flow concerns to pay for health expenses by borrowing against future semi-annual company contributions. This feature is called HSA On-Demand and was launched along with a new HSA website that makes paying for health care expenses very simple for plan members. We also launched a technology platform that allows our colleagues and their spouses to evaluate and compare the cost and quality of health care providers within their carrier’s network for services they need. We also responded to the needs of our diabetic colleagues, adopting 100% coverage of brand-name insulins that are not available as generics. At the end of 2015, more than 86,000 colleagues were enrolled in the CVS Health Plan. Early in 2016 another 6,000 colleagues at former Target pharmacies joined the plan, and we will convert another 8,000 Omnicare colleagues to our plans in 2017.


    WellRewards, our preventive health and wellness program for colleagues introduced in 2012, offers incentives, including a $600 reduction in paycheck contributions each year, for colleagues who undergo an annual free health screening and complete an online health assessment. In 2015, we added an additional $600 per year reduction in paycheck contributions for colleagues whose spouses also participate. Participation has been strong: 90% of our colleagues and 75% of spouses participated in the program in 2015. Based on this high level of engagement, in 2016 we will give colleagues and spouses who are in good health, as measured through their 2015 blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol readings, a screening exemption. This means they can skip the in-person portion of the annual health assessment as a reward for good health.

    Since taking our stance on tobacco, we launched an incentive program to encourage CVS Health colleagues who use tobacco to quit. We know that employees who use tobacco cost close to $6,000 more per year than non-tobacco-using employees, due to absenteeism, smoking breaks and excess health care costs. We also know that tobacco is a difficult habit to break and research shows that incentive-based programs, especially those that require participants to pledge some of their own money as part of the challenge, tend to be more successful. Our incentives focus on both users and non-users of tobacco.

    For colleagues enrolled in our health plan and who pledge to live tobacco-free, we deposit $50 in their HSA each June 1st. If the colleague’s spouse does the same, the contribution doubles to $100.

    To encourage colleagues who use tobacco to quit the habit, we introduced 700 Good Reasons, an incentive program that is open to all colleagues regardless of whether they participate in our health plan.

    The program requires participants to commit to stop using tobacco and back it up with a $50 deposit of their own money. Those who test tobacco-free after six months receive $200 from CVS Health. After 12 months, if a test shows that the colleague is still tobacco-free, we give the participant an additional $500, and return their initial $50 deposit. In the first six months of the program, approximately 1,000 colleagues signed up and made their $50 deposit.

    MinuteClinic Services

    All of our colleagues can take advantage of a suite of MinuteClinic preventive services that are offered free of charge – from biometric screenings and weight management, to smoking cessation and flu shots. When colleagues covered by our health plan get sick with a common illness like an ear infection or a sinus infection, they can visit a MinuteClinic and pay a reduced price of $45 until they meet their deductible. After they meet their annual deductible, MinuteClinic sick visits are free for the rest of the plan year.

    Measuring Health Outcomes

    We have been tracking our Organizational Health Score (OHS) since 2012. The OHS combines the aggregate data from our colleagues’ health assessments and biometric screenings into a single actionable metric to reveal our workforce’s combined health risk. Having this metric helps us invest resources and design programs to address health opportunities where we can have the greatest impact. Overall, CVS Health’s score is slightly better than the study’s benchmark, but the most significant health risk to our company is obesity, with a higher prevalence of diabetes and hypertension. We are using this information to inform new program development and areas of opportunity for increasing colleague engagement in health.

  • Rewarding Colleague Commitment

    Recognition is an important element of the workplace experience at CVS Health, and we believe hardwork and a commitment to our purpose should be rewarded and celebrated.

    Examples of our recognition programs include the following:

    Paragon Awards

    Recognizing colleagues who have had an extraordinary impact on their work or in their community.

    CEO Awards

    Presented to colleagues who work in the corporate setting who have led major initiatives, championed teamwork, generated innovative ideas, increased revenue or shown leadership around our core values.

    Values in Action Breakthrough Awards

    Celebrating colleagues whose ideas, actions and behaviors have led to a breakthrough that exemplifies our company values of innovation, collaboration, caring, integrity and accountability.

  • Engaging Colleagues

    Employee engagement is a key factor for success in today’s business environment. Engaged colleagues are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace, and their engagement delivers increased productivity, improved customer service and reduced employee turnover.

    Measuring Colleague Engagement

    We have been surveying full- and part-time CVS Health colleagues every year for nearly two decades. In 2015, we received an 86% response rate.

    We learned that our colleagues continue to be highly engaged. They care about the future of CVS Health and are willing to give extra effort to help the company succeed. They also support our company’s cultural and strategic goals and understand how the work they do aligns with the company’s purpose. They would like more resources to help them accomplish their work and additional training and development opportunities to help them advance their careers. They also believe we can better enable innovation in the workplace by enhancing organizational agility.

    We have responded to colleague input by implementing new engagement, recognition and leadership initiatives that will reward agility and spur the innovative solutions that drive success. As we do every year, in our 2016 survey we will ask colleagues the degree to which the company addressed the issues they raised.

    Volunteering in Local Communities

    Giving back to our local communities aligns with our purpose of helping people on their path to better health and is important to our colleagues. We engage them in a variety of ways, including participation in company-sponsored community events and programs, and recognize and reward their volunteer efforts. In 2015 alone, colleagues volunteered their time to causes they care about, which is valued at approximately $1.5 million. We believe volunteerism is such a vital measure of employee engagement that we have introduced a target to measure our progress in this area:

    • Increase the number of hours our colleagues volunteer by 10% year-over-year.
  • Building a Culture of Safety

    Providing a safe workplace is also fundamental to our company’s purpose. At a minimum, we want to ensure that every CVS Health colleague returns home safely from work every day. A safe workplace is a more efficient workplace, reducing lost productivity, increasing product and service quality, reducing workers compensation costs and contributing to employee engagement.

    While CVS Health has a limited number of colleagues in high-risk working conditions, our retail stores, distribution centers, and other business units present a range of employee safety issues that demand our attention. We are creating and reinforcing a culture of safety through programs that focus on personal responsibility and continuous improvement.

    Our safety program is supported by our Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) group through a dedicated Safety Team. Team members regularly visit our workplaces and work with colleagues to identify and address potential hazards and assess opportunities for process improvements. The program itself is continually evolving to respond to emerging concerns and to ensure we have the best practices and training in place to keep our colleagues and customers safe.

    Safety Inside Our Retail Pharmacies

    Front store and pharmacy safety is critical to our customers and colleagues, and our priority is to ensure we have robust processes and procedures in place. We follow strict internal policies, have emergency management procedures in place, and work with law enforcement to investigate retail crime incidents at every severity level. Our teams undergo continual training and engage in regular district and regional meetings to ensure all staff are aware of and can act on loss prevention and other store safety procedures.

    Safety Training

    Our safety professionals receive formalized skills assessments and training to ensure they have the necessary tools to address the needs of our work environments. Our Safety Team works with different colleague groups and business units across the enterprise to update and implement more than 20 safety-related trainings and protocols, including powered industrial truck training, ladder safety, workplace violence prevention strategies, property protection and procedures to control exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Our commitment to continuous improvement not only helps us ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, it also supports consistent implementation of safety policies and procedures as our company grows.

    Enhancing Safety Practices

    In 2015, we initiated a program to enhance our safety culture by providing our district, retail and store managers with tools to proactively identify, assess and develop responses to the safety risks they see in their day-to-day work. We aim to build on this initiative in 2016 by embedding safety into all routine district and regional network meetings.

    We also continued to expand our emergency response program to our corporate and distribution facilities. When we introduced the program in our retail stores in 2013, we enlisted the support of a number of colleagues who volunteered and were trained to serve on facility-focused Emergency Response Teams (ERTs). The teams are capable of leading emergency response efforts, including fire evacuation, shelter-in-place operations, and life-saving first aid. We currently have ERTs in five corporate facilities and will continue to build our enterprisewide capabilities in 2016.

    As we expanded better-for-you food choices in our retail stores, we also continued to develop our Food Protection Program, working with our retail and food product managers to ensure that tools and best practices are in place to manage the safety of our growing array of fresh food options.

    Measuring Safety Performance

    We measure the success of our safety programs using a variety of tools, including a Toluna Scorecard, Workers’ Compensation Claims, third-party assessments, peer monitoring for best practices, and engagement in industry safety roundtables.

    In 2015, we developed a safety dashboard that allows us to analyze our incident frequency rate across the enterprise and at the facility level. This increased transparency is helping us prioritize resources, improve safety programs, benchmark against Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) industry standards as well as similar retail operations and drive a culture of safety throughout the company.

    Our recorded incident rate in 2015 was 4.39; it was 3.97 in 2014, better than the 4.8 industry average for that same year.* Industry data was not available for 2015 at time of this publication. We had zero "high-gravity" OSHA citations in 2015.

    * Incident rate measures incidents per 200,000 work hours.

  • Creating Robust Workplace Practices and Policies

    We are committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive and productive workplace where all colleagues feel safe and empowered to contribute at their highest levels. These principles are outlined in our Code of Conduct, which states that our workplace should be free from discrimination and harassment, threats or acts of violence or intimidation. In addition, it should provide all colleagues an equal opportunity to grow and develop their careers and be appropriately compensated for their contributions to the company’s success. All colleagues receive and acknowledge our Code of Conduct when joining the company and revisit it annually through training.

    CVS Health’s Compliance team, with support from the Legal Department, plays a role in assessing any potential code violations and corrective action, as needed.

    We have professional and productive relationships with our union colleagues and their representatives and recognize the rights of our colleagues to decide whether or not to join a union – which is included in our company policies.

    We also comply with local labor laws regarding employment of youth. The minimum age of employment at CVS Health is 16, or older in some instances.

  • Focus: Colleague Diversity

    Since the first CVS Pharmacy store opened in 1963, CVS Health has gone from a small local business to one of the largest companies in the world. Along the way, we have become a much more diverse workforce. It is our goal to ensure the diversity of our colleagues reflects the diversity of our customers and the communities we serve.

    Our approach to diversity management includes four primary objectives:

    • Reflecting the marketplaces we serve and the demographics of our communities through our workforce
    • Engaging our colleagues by leveraging workplace relationships to create and sustain a culture of inclusion
    • Putting policies, practices, programs and procedures in place that enable us to develop and retain the best diverse talent
    • Ensuring alignment with and engagement of external partners, customers, clients and communities
  • Fostering Diversity through Board Leadership

    Oversight of strategic diversity management at CVS Health is the purview of the full Board of Directors. Our CEO and his executive leadership team serve as our Diversity Management Steering Committee and report to the full Board. Each of these senior leaders serves as an executive sponsor for one of our 13 Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs), networks that offer colleagues the opportunity to share or support a particular ethnicity, culture or perspective.

    Our Diversity Management Leadership Council provides direction for the execution of our strategic diversity management. The Council reviews progress against our goals for workforce representation, colleague engagement, talent development and marketplace diversity. In addition, our Council members serve as champions for the company’s diversity strategy and are responsible for incorporating and leveraging strategic diversity management in each of their business units or departments.

    Area Diversity Leadership Teams, which are established in all of our retail markets, as well as in the logistics, information systems and retail pharmacy departments, are responsible for translating and executing the enterprise diversity management strategy at the department and business unit level.

  • Engaging Our Colleagues through Diversity Programs

    Diversity is an important part of the culture at CVS Health, and colleagues are encouraged to take advantage of a number of programs that support diversity in the workplace. We provide a variety of diversity-related and cultural competency training materials, which colleagues can access through our online learning portal. In 2015, we introduced a new training module that defines key terms and introduces our strategic framework for managing diversity, discusses three approaches to managing diversity and reviews a decision-making framework. Additional diversity-specific content was added to our library, including an offering titled Understanding the 'T' in LGBT.

    Strengthening Diversity Networks

    Our CRGs are another essential way CVS Health supports and celebrates diversity among our colleagues. CRGs align with the strategic diversity management business process and must support the four objectives of workforce representation, colleague engagement, talent development and marketplace diversity. Our colleagues who participate in CRGs also tend to be more engaged in their jobs and the company, therefore, we have established a long-term target to encourage more colleague participation in CRGs. Specifically, our target is to:

    • Increase participation in CRGs to 10% of our workforce by 2025

    At the end of 2015, there were 13 national CRGs, with discussions underway to form a “green” CRG for colleagues interested in advancing environmental sustainability initiatives. Some CRGs formed regional chapters, and at year-end there were 42 chapters. In total, CRGs engaged 4,686 colleagues in 47 states and 20% of these engaged colleagues participated in more than one. CRG members also contributed approximately 2,200 volunteer hours to community initiatives in 2015.

    Colleagues who are interested in launching a new CRG or establishing a regional chapter are given guidance on how to do so and if approved they are sponsored by the company. We also encourage the CRGs to get active in the broader community as representatives of CVS Health.

  • Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

    CVS Health has entered into more than 700 local and national collaborations with diversity organizations to reach and attract diverse candidate pools from across the country. Our broad range of partnerships support our Talent is Ageless and Abilities in Abundance programs, as well as our recruitment efforts targeting youth, and veterans and their families. A few of our partners include the American Society on Aging, Goodwill Industries, the Hiring Our Heroes program and President Obama’s Summer Jobs+ initiative.

    Hiring Mature Workers

    The U.S. population is aging, with nearly a quarter of the population age 55 or older. CVS Health believes mature workers are an untapped talent pool of people who want to contribute and be active. They bring a wealth of experience, which is why CVS has been hiring mature workers for years and will continue to do so. In 2015, we employed more than 47,000 mature colleagues. Mature workers represent about 24% of our workforce, up from less than 10% in the late 1990s.

    Creating Opportunities for People of All Abilities

    CVS Health has partnered with more than 36 disability programs nationwide. The program includes partnerships with Kens Krew, New Visions, Michigan Rehabilitative Services, Michigan Commission for the Blind, Goodwill Industries, Workability 1, California State Department of Rehabilitation, El Valor and others. The programs are located in Detroit, MI, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, California and Providence, RI. We will continue to forge relationships with organizations that seek to transition persons with disabilities in a structured and supportive work environment. It is estimated that 53 million adults in the United States live with a disability. People with disabilities constitute the nation's largest minority group and the only group that anyone can become a member of at any time.

    Supporting Veterans and Their Families

    At CVS Health, we believe one of the best ways to honor our military is to offer employment opportunities to former service members. Military candidates bring experiences and skills that align with our culture, including collaboration and leadership. Through our relationships with military-focused organizations and programs, we are helping many military families transition from service to civilian life. We highlight just a few of these below.

    Recruiting for Apprenticeships

    As part of our initiative to double the number of Registered Apprenticeships we will offer, we are hoping to recruit veterans to fill some of these positions. In fact, we are on track to open a first-of-its kind skill development and hiring center near Fort Bragg in 2016.

    Hiring Our Heroes

    CVS Health is supporting nationwide efforts to help veterans and military spouses find employment. Through this program, we have helped connect more than 10,000 veterans and military spouses to rewarding job opportunities across the country.

    The Value of a Veteran

    To support our hiring efforts, we have introduced recruiting, interviewing and military management skills training for our company recruiters and hiring managers through 21 computer-based training modules focused on hiring transitioning service people.

    Business and Professional Women (BPW) Foundation

    To help attract more female veterans and spouses to CVS Health, we introduced an online mentoring program. Championed by two of our company’s CRGs (Women’s Success Network and VALOR), as well as the Logistics Diversity Leadership Council, we piloted Joining Forces Mentoring Plus in 2014 and expanded the program in 2015 to encourage more of our military spouses to become mentors.

    Opening the Door to Young People

    In 2015, CVS Health hired approximately 43,000 young colleagues between the ages of 16 and 24. Our youth hiring initiatives are aligned with our continued support of the U.S. Department of Labor and President Obama’s Summer Jobs+ initiative, a call to action for businesses, nonprofits and government to work together to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth. We also worked with mayors’ offices in major cities across the country to reduce the youth unemployment rate.

  • Collaborating on Diversity

    CVS Health collaborates with hundreds of partners nationwide to better meet the needs of diverse communities accross the country. Early in 2016, we formed a new alliance with two leading multicultural nursing organizations, the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN), to develop a more diverse workforce. Ethnic and racial minority groups currently comprise 37% of the U.S. population and are projected to encompass the majority by 2043. At the same time, just 19% of today’s nurses come from minority backgrounds. This alliance will support workplace development programs as well as training and colleague engagement strategies to help us bridge the current diverse nursing shortage, ensuring our workforce reflects the patients and communities we serve, while enhancing access to quality care for culturally diverse, underserved populations.

    We also continued to invest in organizations across the country that provide opportunities to multicultural students or work to strengthen diverse communities. These include:

    Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF)

    As the health care category sponsor in 2014, we provided educational grants to high school seniors for their academic achievement, leadership and interest in pursuing a career in health care. Additionally, CVS Health executives took part in panels across the country providing insight to young Hispanic leaders about health care careers as part of the Latinos on the Fast Track program. HHF also referred students to our Retail Summer Internship program in 2015.

    United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

    We provided financial support to UNCF initiatives, to help college students at historically black colleges and universities graduate.

    National Urban League (NUL)

    We supported the NUL, a civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment, by collaborating on a wide array of programs across the country.

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

    CVS Health was exclusive sponsor of the ACT-SO Medicine and Health category at the NAACP National Convention, which recognized the top high school students who submitted projects to this national competition.

    National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA), National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) and The Consortium

    CVS Health recruited professional students from three of the largest multi-cultural MBA student recruiting organizations in the country.

  • Measuring Diversity Performance

    We use a variety of measures to assess our diversity performance. For instance, we participated in the Disability Equality Index, a benchmark survey created by the U.S. Business Leadership Network and the Urban League for People With Disabilities, which provides an objective measure of a company’s disability inclusion policies and programs. In the survey’s inaugural year, CVS Health scored 90 out of 100. Our aim is to improve our score in 2016. In addition, for the second year in a row, CVS Health scored 100% on the 2015 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). The CEI is a national benchmarking survey and report on corporate policies and practices pertinent to LGBT equality, administered by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. The perfect score reflects our work to ensure a culture in which every individual feels equally valued, respected and appreciated, as well as the programs and initiatives aligned with our culture. With the 100% score, CVS Health is designated as a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.

    We also measure our performance by the awards we receive. In 2015, we were honored to receive the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, the highest recognition given by the U.S. Government to employers for their support of employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve.

    In 2015, our company was named one of DiversityInc’s 25 Noteworthy Companies and one of the Top 10 Companies for Veterans. We were also recognized by DiversityInc for Community Service Excellence and given the GI Jobs Military Friendly Employer designation.

  • Workforce Diversity

    Total Employee Count 215,388 as of 12/31/2015*

    *does not include Target or Omnicare colleagues

Our focus on building a great workplace to attract and retain exceptional colleagues is a key element of our Leader in Growth pillar.

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