A Letter from Eileen Howard Boone SVP, CSR & Philanthropy

Our Journey

Nearly 10 years ago, our company embarked on a journey to formally define and shape our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We have come a long way, and we are driven by a strong belief that our purpose of helping people on their path to better health is not just about social and environmental responsibility, but also a way to achieve our long-term growth plans and economic success. We are fortunate to have a wide circle of supporters – stakeholders who care about CVS Health and actively encourage us to advance our CSR commitments. Engagement is key to maintaining and strengthening these relationships.

In 2015, we continued to engage with external stakeholders, including nonprofits in the health and wellness arena, sustainability experts and influencers, champions for supply chain responsibility, socially- and sustainability-minded investors, industry organizations, governmental agencies, and our industry and corporate peers. We also listen carefully to our colleagues, customers and patients to understand their concerns and expectations. We have received feedback on topics ranging from affordable health care solutions, to the sustainability of the products we carry on our shelves, and our presence in and contributions to our local communities, among others.

As a member of Ceres, a leader in advocacy for the adoption of sustainable business practices among companies, we had the benefit of participating in our first Ceres-led, multi-stakeholder engagement this year. This process allowed us to hear diverse points of view on our CSR strategy, performance and reporting. In addition, I have spent much of this year meeting with CVS Health colleagues around the country and continuing the dialogue with many organizations on how we can help people lead healthier lives.

Stakeholder engagement has also helped inform our most recent CSR materiality assessment, including prioritization of our material issues, and defining the content for our 2015 CSR Report. There are a number of other inputs that inform our CSR material issues, such as the impacts on society or the environment, reputational drivers, risks to our company, opportunities to grow our business, and whether we have a reasonable level of control or influence over the issue. I also benefit from the guidance of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors on various CSR matters.

As we always do, in 2015 we engaged our internal subject matter experts who, collectively, touch every area of our CSR strategy. We have worked with these colleagues not only to ensure their work is supporting our strategy, but also to set measurable performance targets that make sense. Some of these new targets are highlighted in this year’s report. We will continue to use this report to track these targets and introduce new ones as our business evolves.

Our goals are tied to our CSR strategic priorities, which are organized under three pillars. Each pillar has an executive sponsor who oversees progress against these priorities, while specific goals are owned and driven by senior management throughout our organization. Ultimately, our CEO and the Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors have oversight of our CSR and sustainability performance. They ensure that we are advancing our purpose as a company and delivering appropriate returns on our investments.

As I look ahead to the next 10 years, I see so many opportunities for our CSR strategy to play a bigger and more significant role in supporting our business, while delivering more value to our communities and stakeholders. I hope you will take the time to review this report and share your feedback with us at CSR@CVSHealth.com.


Eileen Howard Boone
SVP, CSR & Philanthropy