CSR Governance

At CVS Health, CSR governance begins with the Board of Directors and our President and CEO, Larry Merlo, to ensure we are conducting our business responsibly, delivering on our purpose and executing our business strategy across the enterprise.

Our senior vice president (SVP) of CSR and philanthropy is responsible for driving our Prescription for a Better World strategy and working with our leaders to align it with our business objectives, as well as collaborating with leaders throughout the company on specific programs and initiatives.

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors, pursuant to its charter, is formally charged with oversight of our CSR strategy and performance. The SVP of CSR and philanthropy regularly updates the Committee on CSR and sustainability risks and opportunities and the Committee provides feedback and direction on our approach to key issues, particularly issues that may pose risks to people’s health or to the accessibility of quality and affordable care. Finally, the Board reviews the annual CSR Report before it is released for publication.

Each pillar of our Prescription for a Better World has an executive sponsor. Our SVP of CSR and philanthropy meets regularly with the pillar sponsors to ensure our CSR strategy is progressing and remains aligned with our business objectives.

Accountability for driving performance falls to senior management within each pillar area. These managers are regularly engaged by the CSR team to get progress updates and identify emerging risks or potential opportunities that may call for adjustments in approach or strategy.