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In your opinion, how important is competition within drug categories to containing prescription drug costs?


Promoting Access to More Affordable Medications

Generic drugs and biosimilar medicines can offer lower-cost and clinically equivalent alternatives to brand name medications and biologics.
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Transform Rheumatoid Arthritis Care: Better Care, Better Outcomes, Lower Costs

CVS Health is uniquely positioned to provide support to RA patients through our integrated pharmacy care model and innovative digital tools.
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Targeting Health Interventions and Solutions

Advanced analytics and our extensive pharmacy database identify solutions to help reduce costs and improve outcomes.
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Year in Review: The Top 5 Stories of 2017

A look back at our most read articles in 2017 reveals that the topics of opioid abuse and rising drug prices are top of mind for our readers.
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Expanding Visibility of Patients’ Benefits at the Point-of-Prescribing

Visibility into patient drug benefit is critical to help bolster prescription decision-making for patients and their care teams.
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Innovations to Improve Patient Health

Policymakers and health care experts discuss the future of health care and specific opportunities to improve health outcomes.
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CVS Health Announces 2018 Formulary Management Strategy

We remain focused on ensuring patients get their medications at the lowest-possible cost.
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Lowering Costs and Increasing Access to Quality Care

CVS Health’s multiple patient touch points are helping to make health care more accessible and lower costs.
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Increasing Quality, Lowering Costs at the State Level

Larry Merlo shared strategies for improving health care with more than 30 U.S. governors.
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Promoting Competition to Reduce Drug Spending

CVS Health’s Tom Moriarty offers insights on the pharmaceutical supply chain and its impact on costs.
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Medicaid as a Driver of Care Innovation

CVS Health’s Tom Moriarty spoke at POLITICO’s Pro Health Care Briefing on Medicaid as a Driver of Care Innovation in the States.
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Protecting Consumers in an Environment of Rising Drug Prices

What CVS Caremark is doing to help patients keep their out-of-pocket and premium costs low.
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