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Have you ever been prescribed opioids that you didn’t think you needed or received a prescription for more than you thought you needed?


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We All Have a Role to Play in Safe Medication Disposal

Our Vice President for Professional Services writes about the work being done at CVS Health to help combat opioid misuse every day through prevention and education.
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Partnering with Google Maps to Promote Safe Medication Disposal

The collaboration builds on our opioid abuse prevention efforts and will help consumers find locations in their communities to drop off unwanted prescription drugs.
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Preventing Pharmacy Diversion with Time Delay Safes

As part of our fight against prescription drug abuse, we’ve added safes with time-delay functionality in select CVS Pharmacy locations.
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CVS Health Expands In-Store Medication Disposal Program in Virginia

Disposal units can now be found in select CVS Pharmacy locations around the state, making it easier for the public to safely dispose of opioids and other medications before they’re misused.
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Medication Disposal Units Installed in CVS Pharmacy Locations in Arizona

The expansion of the program is part of our ongoing efforts to combat the opioid epidemic nationwide by preventing the misuse and abuse of unused or unwanted medications.
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CVS Health Announces Expanded Opioid Abuse Prevention Efforts

At a recent White House event, we announced new commitments to prevent prescription drug abuse and help the millions of Americans who struggle with addiction daily.
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Expanding Access to Safe and Convenient Drug Disposal

We’re helping increase safe medication disposal options in the communities we serve, including through our nationwide disposal program and take-back events at 100 CVS Pharmacy locations on Oct. 27.
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Safe Drug Disposal Program Expanded to Wisconsin

State leaders and CVS Health colleagues recently celebrated the expansion of the safe medication disposal program in select CVS Pharmacy locations in Wisconsin.
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CVS Health Expands In-Store Safe Medication Disposal Program in Georgia

New units in 24 CVS Pharmacy locations provide for safe disposal of unused or unwanted medications.
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CVS Health Expands Safe Medication Disposal Program to CVS Pharmacy Locations in Indiana

New units in 49 locations provide patients and customers the ability to safely dispose of unused or unwanted medications.
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Safe Drug Disposal Program Expands into Kentucky

In-store disposal units in 9 Kentucky CVS Pharmacy locations provide the ability to properly dispose of unwanted or unused prescription drugs.
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Combatting the Opioid Crisis: From Communities to the Capital

Experts across the health care supply chain discuss key initiatives, partnerships, and policy recommendations to tackle the opioid epidemic.
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