VSA and CVS Caremark Announce 2012 Annual All Kids Can CREATE Exhibition

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

featuring Artwork from Children of All Abilities Representing Each State to Debut at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- VSA, the international organization on arts and disability and an affiliate of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, along with CVS Caremark All Kids Can, have announced the 102 students of all abilities that will be featured in the 2012 All Kids Can CREATE exhibition "What Inspires Me." All Kids Can CREATE is an annual national program from which artwork submitted by students, ages 5-15, is selected to represent each state and the District of Columbia for a national art exhibition. This year, All Kids Can CREATE invited young people with and without disabilities to submit a piece of artwork under the theme, "What Inspires Me," to encourage youth to reflect on what inspires them and express those inspirations through original art.

More than 3,000 students across the country submitted artwork for consideration. Two students from each state and the District of Columbia have been selected to participate in the exhibition. All of the artwork submitted this year is featured in an online gallery at www.artsonia.com/allkidscancreate.

"CVS Caremark is proud to collaborate with VSA for the fifth year on All Kids Can CREATE, the only visual arts program of its kind that raises awareness in schools and in local communities about the importance of inclusion," said Eileen Howard Boone, senior vice president of Corporate Communications & Community Relations for CVS Caremark. "This program encourages children with and without disabilities to express themselves and fosters creativity, self-esteem and confidence through art and showcases the positive impact arts education can have on children of all abilities."

"We are happy to recognize and support this diverse group of talented young artists," said Betty Siegel, director of VSA and Accessibility at the Kennedy Center. "Programs like this are crucial for promoting inclusive arts education opportunities."

Ten students representing the diversity of talent, creativity and abilities from across the nation will travel courtesy of VSA and CVS Caremark to Washington, D.C. for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony when the 2012 All Kids Can CREATE exhibition debuts at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library.

The ten students are: Mallory Brooks, Age 12 of Indianapolis, Indiana; Summer Corry, Age 13 of Honolulu, Hawaii; Lydia England, Age 9 of Dallas, Texas; Mason Hardin, Age 15 of Columbus, Georgia; Joanna Jarvis, Age 10 of Pine Hall, North Carolina; Kira Marlow, Age 15 of Batavia, Illinois; Justin McQuiston, Age 14 of Williston, Vermont; Mmesoma Oticha, Age 5 of Tucson, Arizona; Joao Rosario, Age 12 of Warwick, Rhode Island; and Shani Summers, Age 14 of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Additionally, teachers with participating students were invited to submit essays on the importance of arts education and inclusive teaching. Lea Elder of Pinon, Arizona; Eiko Fan of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Jamie Richardson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Lauren Smith of Pemberville, Ohio, were recognized for their essays and will each receive a $1,500 grant to be used for classroom supplies.

"What Inspires Me" is part of VSA and CVS Caremark's All Kids Can CREATE campaign that encourages learning and community engagement through artistic expression. The program includes the Call for Art, artist-in-residence programs in schools and community events that expand access and learning through the arts for students with disabilities. CVS Caremark colleagues also participate in the program through volunteer activities that engage their communities and/or schools in building inclusive environments.

The work chosen for this year's exhibition was selected by a jury of VSA staff and visual arts professionals, including Michael Gettings, the art specialist for Henrico County Public Schools in Virginia and 2010 Virginia Arts Educator of the Year; and Lisa Marie Ryder, Manager of the Museum Without Walls at the National Children's Museum. The 2012 All Kids Can CREATE exhibit will be on display at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library from August 1-26, 2012.

A full list of 102 students can be found below, and more information is available upon request:

Garrett, age 11
Florence, Alabama

Sarah, age 14
Auburn, Alabama

Joshua, age 12
White Mountain, Alaska

Rayna, age 14
White Mountain, Alaska

John, age 13
Scottsdale, Arizona

Mmesoma, age 5
Tucson, Arizona

Brendan, age 8
Stuttgart, Arkansas

Robin, age 8
Little Rock, Arkansas

Cole, age 14
Clovis, California

Jazmin, age 9
Lompoc, California

Caitlin, age 10
Denver, Colorado

Lily, age 10
Denver, Colorado

Madeline, age 11
Oxford, Connecticut

Sarah, age 12
Oxford, Connecticut

Brant, age 9
Camden, Delaware

Micah, age 9
Camden, Delaware

Paul, age 15
District of Columbia

Terrance, age 12
District of Columbia

Lauren, age 13
Clearwater, Florida

Noel, age 14
Melbourne, Florida

Alex, age 9
Rydal, Georgia

Mason, age 15
Columbus, Georgia

Shani, age 14
Honolulu, Hawaii

Summer, age 13
Honolulu, Hawaii

Audrey, age 9
Boise, Idaho

Drew, age 12
Boise, Idaho

Grace, age 6
Chicago, Illinois

Kira, age 15
Batavia, Illinois

Ernesto, age 12
Indianapolis, Indiana

Mallory, age 12
Indianapolis, Indiana

Camden, age 8
Denver, Iowa

Samuel, age 9
Denver, Iowa

Rachel, age 13
Gardner, Kansas

Xavier, age 9
Topeka, Kansas

Brooke, age 7
Shelbyville, Kentucky

Cesar, age 13
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Derek, age 15
West Monroe, Louisiana

Jared, age 9
Prairieville, Louisiana

Ewan, age 7
Harpswell, Maine

Max, age 14
Harpswell, Maine

Allison, age 9
Baltimore, Maryland

Eric, age 5
Annapolis, Maryland

Darius, age 12
Dorchester, Massachusetts

Ethan, age 8
Gloucester, Massachusetts

Ali, age 12
Dearborn, Michigan

Kameron, age 8
Detroit, Michigan

Melisse, age 7
Little Falls, Minnesota

Shawnae, age 11
East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Day Jonae, age 13
Tupelo, Mississippi

Trevor, age 7
Waveland, Mississippi

Sal, age 15
Lathrop, Missouri

Tramia, age 8
Cape Giardeau, Missouri

Colleen, age 13
Grass Range, Montana

Jordan, age 13
Grass Range, Montana

Bradley, age 10
Omaha, Nebraska

Brian, age 14
Omaha, Nebraska

Haylee, age 11
Reno, Nevada

Joseph, age 12
Reno, Nevada

C.J., age 8
Henniker, New Hampshire

Marcus, age 12
Keene, New Hampshire

Emmanuel, age 15
Newark, New Jersey

Kailee, age 8
Vienna, New Jersey

Emannie, age 9
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sean, age 13
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Luis, age 10
Bronx, New York

Taryn, age 10
Staten Island, New York

Hamel, age 14
Cary, North Carolina

Joanna, age 10
Pine Hall, North Carolina

Brynn, age 11
Bismarck, North Dakota

Kayla, age 15
Bismarck, North Dakota

Dakota, age 8
Hicksville, Ohio

Heaven, age 8
Columbus, Ohio

Abigail, age 7
Moore, Oklahoma

Dalex, age 10
Moore, Oklahoma

McKenzie, age 10
Coos Bay, Oregon

Steven, age 11
Coos Bay, Oregon

Breanna, age 9
New Milford, Pennsylvania

Morgan, age 8
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jamal, age 10
Warwick, Rhode Island

Joao, age 12
Warwick, Rhode Island

Hayes, age 12
Columbia, South Carolina

Juan, age 11
Greer, South Carolina

Dayvahj, age 5
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Jack, age 11
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Ben, age 14
Knoxville, Tennessee

Jalyn, age 9
Sweetwater, Tennessee

Lydia, age 9
Dallas, Texas

Madison, age 6
San Antonio, Texas

Julius, age 12
Salt Lake City, Utah

Zoe, age 9
Salt Lake City, Utah

Justin, age 14
Williston, Vermont

Shayanne, age 11
Randolph, Vermont

Sissy, age 8
Gainesville, Virginia

Xander, age 8
Appomattox, Virginia

Cole, age 9
Bainbridge Island, Washington

Noelle, age 13
Mukilteo, Washington

Colt, age 9
Wayne, West Virginia

Josh, age 14
Quinwood, West Virginia

Haley, age 15
Omro, Wisconsin

Jonah, age 10
Kimberly, Wisconsin

Li, age 10
Lander, Wyoming

Shane, age 10
Lander, Wyoming

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