PLAYSKOOL Baby Care A Change For The Better At CVS/pharmacy

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Woonsocket, RI, March 1, 2007 – Diapering is an inevitable part of every parent’s day – although not necessarily a favorite one. With the right, comfy-for-baby products and some helpful information from experts, however, diapering can become a positive experience for mother and baby alike.

The innovative new PLAYSKOOL™ Baby Care Line of diapers and wipes, available exclusively at CVS/pharmacy, offers mothers the quality widely associated with both the CVS/pharmacy and PLAYSKOOL toy names, along with features equal to or significantly better than those available from other baby care brands, for less than leading national brands. Beyond that, on all packaging, the PLAYSKOOL Baby Care Line provides helpful, age-appropriate parenting advice called Ages & Stages, developed by a child psychologist and based on the theory that, to understand children, you need to know how they develop and grow. Ages & Stages not only presents basic ideas but also specific tips to change everyday situations – such as diapering – into fun opportunities for parent and child bonding.


When it comes to diapers, moms demand the very best. That’s why PLAYSKOOL Baby Care diapers are designed to offer superior stretch-ability and ultra absorption – PLAYSKOOL’s Baby Care liner and Sleep Tite layer allow baby to stay drier, rest longer and move easier, while Aloe and Vitamin E is gentle to baby’s skin.

For the tiniest tots, PLAYSKOOL Plushies feature a glow in the dark Gloworm™ design. A much loved member of the PLAYSKOOL family, soft, cuddly, light-up Gloworm toys have been providing little ones with security and comfort for years. Plushies diapers have TenderTouch tabs to provide a cozier fit so the diaper actually stays on and are available in the following sizes: Newborn (up to 10 lbs), 40/pkg, $9.99; Size 1-2 (8-18 lbs), 72/pkg, $13.99; Size 3 (16-28 lbs), 60/pkg, $13.99.

Bigger babes will be comfy and confident in PLAYSKOOL Rompers; the larger diapers have WobbleRoom tabs that flex to let baby move comfortably – an all-important feature as little ones begin to crawl and walk. Rompers are printed with PLAYSKOOL’s lovable Weeble™ characters and are available in the following sizes: Size 4 (22-37 lbs), 52/pkg, $13.99; Size 5 (27+ lbs), 46/pkg, $13.99; Size 6 (35+ lbs), 40/pkg, $13.99.

Baby Wipes

Changing diapers has never been easier with PLAYSKOOL’s Cottony Cloths. The only baby wipe enhanced with real cotton, the ultra thick cloths are super strong, meaning no more tearing or finger poke-throughs during changing time! This results in more usability and less waste. Extra soft Cottony Cloths have a unique, cushiony texture and mild cleansing solution that leave baby clean and refreshed.

Cottony Cloths are conveniently packaged in soft-sided, 80-wipe containers. The smaller, squooshable, transport-friendly packages fit easily inside diaper bags or even handbags, and moms no longer need to contend with mountains of bulky, hard-plastic boxes. In addition, the larger, 160- and 240-count PLAYSKOOL containers actually comprise two and three 80-count packages, respectively. Bundling the smaller packages together in the larger ones results in fewer wipes per package. This means every cloth is uniform in moistness and freshness – top layers don’t dry out, bottom layers don’t get soggy. Available scented or unscented, Cottony Cloths are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and alcohol free, and are offered in the following sizes: 16 cloths, $1.99; 80 cloths, $3.29; 160 cloths (two 80 cloth packs), $5.49; 240 cloths (three 80 cloth packs), $7.49.

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