PharmaCare's Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Results in Increased Safety for Seniors

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

LINCOLN, R.I., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- PharmaCare, one of the nation's largest pharmaceutical benefit managers (PBMs), announced today that members enrolled in Prescription Pathway(SM), the company's Medicare Part D prescription drug plan offered in partnership with Universal American Financial Corp., experience increased safety through innovative clinical programs.

PharmaCare began managing Prescription Pathway plans for individuals and groups on January 1, 2006. To date, approximately 400,000 seniors and Medicare-eligible individuals have enrolled in four different Prescription Pathway plans, which vary based on deductible, co-payments, formulary and other plan design elements. Central to all the plans are PharmaCare's proactive intervention initiatives that help ensure the safety of members' medication regimens.

With Prescription Pathway, all dispensed prescriptions -- both via retail and mail -- are centralized in PharmaCare's claims database, where they are subject to review by the company's proprietary clinical software programs collectively called DURNow(TM).

Among the DURNow programs are: Acute Frequency, which promotes once-daily dosing by identifying patients on more than once-daily dosing regimens; Drug Interaction, which determines those patients receiving two drugs at the same time that are known to cause a clinically significant interaction; Therapeutic Duplication, which ascertains those patients receiving two drugs from the same therapeutic class at the same time increasing risk of side effects; and Dose Optimization, which identifies members who have received a medication that is FDA approved for once-daily dosing prescribed for twice or more daily.

To provide real value, interventions directed at the physician are patient specific, drug specific and include the action requested. During Prescription Pathway's first two months of operation, PharmaCare intervened in over 27,000 cases in these four key programs, broken down as follows:

* Acute Frequency: 6,616 cases * Drug Interaction: 9,555 cases * Therapeutic Substitution: 8,798 cases * Dose Optimization: 2,217 cases

"Since Prescription Pathway was launched, we've focused on member satisfaction and safety," said Greg Weishar, president and CEO of PharmaCare. "With our DURNow suite of clinical programs, we've encouraged dialogue between physicians and patients, created new ways to ensure proper drug usage and helped our members save on the cost of medications through increased control. Applying proven management techniques to a previously unmanaged population has served patients well and we're pleased to report that our foray into Medicare has been a win-win situation."

"Prescription Pathway, created through our alliance with PharmaCare, has been an excellent addition to our portfolio of senior insurance products," said Richard Barasch, chairman and CEO of Universal American Financial Corp. "PharmaCare's industry-leading clinical programs enhance the value of this new benefit for Medicare beneficiaries by ensuring cost-effective, appropriate therapies through timely, personal interaction."

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