Navigating a Behavioral Health Issue (Hint: Avoid the Internet)

Unlike the flu – which a physician can typically diagnose and prescribe any necessary treatment for in a single office visit – navigating a behavioral health issue such as depression or substance use disorder is less clear.

“Understanding behavioral health conditions, and knowing where and when to seek help, can be a completely new experience for a member,” said Antonio Rocchino, Senior Director, Network Management, Aetna Behavioral Health. “We understand the instinct to try to find a facility on Google or seek help from a doctor featured on the news, but they may not provide the quality or expertise required in the particular situation.”

According to researchAetna Behavioral Health surveyed 273 members of the Building a Healthy Tomorrow and Aetna Medicare Communities from September 14 – 24, 2018. conducted by Aetna Behavioral Health, nearly 50 percent of consumers relied on the internet to identify inpatient behavioral health services. For those seeking an outpatient behavioral health provider, consumers asked their doctor for a referral (29 percent), called their insurance company (26 percent) or utilized a personal recommendation (17 percent).

“When seeking to access behavioral health care, attempting to reconcile a variety of recommendations, and the associated costs, should not be another source of stress,” said Rocchino.

Aetna is ready to help members identify appropriate care in their communities.

Aetna Behavioral Health can help members and their loved ones identify resources that best fits the situation, including facilities that are part of its Institute of Quality® network. These facilities, available in certain states, meet strict criteria and specialize in treating substance use disorder. Aetna Behavioral Health is also collaborating with certain facilities to go a step further and provide a personalized experience for the member, as well as their family and caregivers. Services could include certified peer support specialists and resources to improve social determinants of health, such as financial and legal issues.

Finally, and equally important, going in network may mean less money out of members’ pockets, and more services covered within agreed upon rates with providers.

Ready to learn more about behavioral health and accessing care? Aetna Behavioral Health has produced a series of new Let’s Talk Videos to help members better understand the variety of specialized resources within the Behavioral Health network, and the high-quality and value of the providers. Learn more about quality and costs by viewing the first two videos now. Videos on facing a mental health crisis, specialty resources and questions to ask will be available soon.

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  • Let’s Talk: The Value of a Network During a Mental Health Crisis
  • Let’s Talk: Specialty Resources Available In-Network
  • Let’s Talk: Questions to Consider When Choosing a Program or Facility

Aetna members can use DocFind to ensure they are always using an in-network provider. Members can simply log into their account on and select the type of provider they need and their location. The system will return providers in their area that are accepting new patients.

Friday, March 15, 2019