Into The Mouths Of Babes

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Woonsocket, RI, March 1, 2007 – Everyday, parents perform a seemingly unending array of tiny tasks to keep their little ones healthy and happy, from preparing bottles and refilling trainer cups to clipping tiny nails and acting as safe keepers for favorite pacifiers. These simple steps provide opportunities to offer affection, security and encouragement to a child – and with brightly colored, thoughtfully designed PLAYSKOOL™ Baby Care accessories, they’re a great opportunity to have some fun too!

The innovative new PLAYSKOOL Baby Care Line of feeding and grooming accessories, available exclusively at CVS/pharmacy, offers mothers the quality widely associated with both the CVS/pharmacy and PLAYSKOOL toy names, along with features equal to or significantly better than those available from other baby care brands, for a comparable price. Beyond that, on all packaging, the PLAYSKOOL line provides helpful, age-appropriate parenting advice called Ages & Stages, developed by a child psychologist and based on the theory that, to understand children, you need to know how they develop and grow. Ages & Stages not only presents basic ideas but also specific tips to change everyday situations – such as feeding – into fun opportunities for parent and child bonding.


Preparing bottles and giving them to your child is an important building block for parent-child bonding. Feeding times filled with coos, cuddles and good nutrition make baby feel safe and loved, while cheerful, patterned bottles offer visual stimulation. Made of break-resistant plastic, PLAYSKOOL Feeding Bottles are covered with colorful Gloworm designs – a favorite PLAYSKOOL character -- and feature soft and durable silicone nipples. Dishwasher and microwave safe, the bottles are available as an 8 oz, single pack ($1.99), a 4 oz three pack ($4.99), and an 8 oz three pack ($4.99). Replacement packages of Silicone Nipples are available in slow and medium flow (6-pk, $3.99). For ages 0+ months.

Help keep baby happy and healthy with PLAYSKOOL Wide Neck Bottles; the bottle’s curved airflow design actually helps prevent colic – the bane of many a new mom’s existence -- and the extra wide neck makes cleaning a breeze. The dishwasher and microwave safe bottles are available in 7 oz ($5.99) and 10 oz ($5.99) sizes. Replacement packages of Wide Neck Silicone Nipples are available in medium and fast flow (2-pk, $4.49). For ages 0+ months.

The terrific all-in-one PLAYSKOOL 3-Stage Nurser adapts as tiny tots grow into toddlers. For infants, the 10 oz Nurser acts as an ordinary feeding bottle with silicone nipple. As baby grows, moms can attach the removable handle to aid little ones in self-feeding. Finally, an interchangeable soft sipper spout, designed to be gentle on delicate gums and teeth, provides a great way to help tykes transition from bottles to cups. Buying one product for three different stages saves money, too. This multi-purpose parenting partner is made with break-resistant plastic. The 3-Stage Nurser is for ages 0+ months ($4.49).

Keep bottles and nipples clean and sanitary with the PLAYSKOOL 2-in-1 Bottle and Nipple Brush. Soft and durable nylon bristles easily sweep away residue, while a sponge tip cleans those hard to reach areas. When not in use, the dishwasher safe brush stores conveniently inside its ventilated handle ($3.99).

Trainer Cups

Babies feel proud and confident when they drink from a cup on their own. Ease the transition from nipples to “big kid” cups with thoughtfully designed PLAYSKOOL Trainer Cups; playful prints and bright colors make the cups appealing to kids, while the no spill feature lets moms stop worrying about messes.

Non-Insulated Cups
The perfect cup for little ones leaving bottles behind, the 8 oz PLAYSKOOL Soft Spout Trainer Cup is colorful and cool with tons of kid-appeal. The cup’s two small side handles are perfect for pint-sized grasps, and the soft spout is gentle on tender gums and emerging teeth ($4.99).

For slightly more experienced sippers, PLAYSKOOL No Spill Cups, available in a variety of fun prints and colors, feature an easy to use flip top cap to keep the spout clean and a reversible valve for slow or fast flow rates (9 oz 2-pk, $6.49).

PLAYSKOOL Flip Top Cups have a curvy design that is easy for children to grip, while the soft, silicone straw is gentle on gums and teeth. An added bonus – liquid passes through the straw only when a child sips, so moms needn’t worry about cleaning up spills. Happier moms mean happier babies. (10 oz, $3.99).

Planning to travel with your tyke? Parents are sure to appreciate PLAYSKOOL Wash or Toss Cups; perfect for parties, play dates and extended errand runs, the colorful cups have a comfort-conscious, contoured sipper spout and a textured surface for easy gripping. They are designed and priced to be conveniently tossed away rather than taken home and washed. (6 oz 6-pk, $4.49).

Insulated Cups

Now, this is a cool cup. Colorful PLAYSKOOL Insulated No Spill Cups feature a two-in-one, flip top design that not only keeps drinks fresh and cool longer, it also helps protect furniture from “sweat” rings – a plus for busy moms. Another “neat” advantage: Liquid passes through the spout only when your child sips. The soft spout is gentle on teeth and gums, while the reversible valve allows for slow or fast flow rates. Young children are so proud when they can drink from a cup on their own, and this no-spill cup gives them confidence. Insulated No Spill Cups are available in a 7 oz 1-pk ($3.99) and 9 oz 2-pk ($6.99).

Kids will love the PLAYSKOOL Insulated Flip Top Cup, which pictures a jolly Gloworm holding a bright balloon bouquet. The cup’s two-in-one flip top design keeps drinks cool, while the soft silicone straw is gentle on tiny teeth and gums (9 oz, $4.99).

Dishes and Utensils

Here’s a dish that’s not only pretty but highly practical. PLAYSKOOL simplifies mealtime with the innovative, break-resistant PLAYSKOOL Easy Grip Bowl. The brightly colored bowl has a soft ergonomic design engineered to fit either the right or left hand. Fingers fit comfortably under the bottom side of the bowl, while the thumb is inserted through a hole and rests on top of a soft gripper pad. The sectioned bowl includes a lid with an automatic steam vent, allowing the sealed bowl to be microwaved safely, without messy splashes. Food can go straight from refrigerator to microwave to highchair without fuss or bother. Worried about microwaved food being too hot for baby? No more! The cleverly designed Easy Grip Bowl also includes a heat sensitive feeding spoon – the safety tip changes color when baby’s food is too hot, while soft edges protect delicate gums and new teeth. An easy grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold for mom during feeding. To make it even more appealing, the Easy Grip Bowl is conveniently sized, just right for dry cereal and baby foods. (3+ months, $4.49). PLAYSKOOL Heat Sensitive Spoons are also available separately in a 2-pk ($3.49) and 3-pk ($3.99).


Tiny tots need lots of comfort when they are sad or upset. Pacifiers, along with quiet talking, rocking and cuddling, can help calm distressed babies.

Mollify little mouths with cute and colorful PLAYSKOOL Butterfly Pacifiers; the pretty pacifiers have a unique airflow design to help reduce suction on baby’s face, while soft, silicone nipples are naturally shaped like mom. Butterfly Pacifiers are available for 0-6 months (2-pk, $5.49) and 6+ months (2-pk, $5.49).

With PLAYSKOOL Orthodontic Pacifiers, concerned moms can rest easy knowing baby’s still-developing mouth is protected – the pacifiers’ soft, naturally shaped silicone nipples are uniquely designed to support platelet and jaw development. Available for 0-6 months (2-pk, $5.49) and 6+ months (2-pk, $5.49).


Teething is an unavoidably part of growing up, but warm baths, rocking chair lullabies and skillfully designed teethers are an effective way to ease discomfort and irritability and make your child feel loved.

Soothe tender gums and strengthen new teeth with PLAYSKOOL Teether Links; the brightly colored links keep baby’s attention and stimulate motor skill development, while multiple teething surfaces help teeth emerge. For ages 3+ months ($2.99).

Filled with a non-toxic Ice Gel, PLAYSKOOL Teething Keys provide an ideal combination of effectiveness, safety and fun. This innovative new tool in the natural teething process exercises young hands, gums and teeth, and provides visual stimulation for baby. A dual surfaced teether, the top of each Teething Key is constructed of a soft textured material with offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth, while the cool, gel-filled bottom section of the key soothes and stimulates safely. An important extra: Even when placed in the freezer, Teething Keys remain soft to safely soothe sore gums ($3.99).


It’s important to keep baby’s nails groomed to avoid tearing or accidental scratching. The four-piece PLAYSKOOL Infant/Toddler Grooming Set eases nail trimming and shaping. The nail clipper features a curved cutting edge specially designed for infant nails; the nail scissors have a rounded tip and easy to hold plastic handles for safety and control; and the fine grained emery boards are perfect for gently shaping delicate nails. After the manicure, use the comb to style baby’s hair ($6.99). PLAYSKOOL Nail Clipper, for ages 0+ months, is also available individually ($1.99).

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