Destination Health: Improving Health Outside a Clinical Setting

Approximately 60 percent of a person’s life expectancy is influenced by their everyday activities outside of the doctor’s office – our individual behaviors, as well as social and environmental factors.

To address these issues and help people improve their health outside of a clinical setting, CVS Health launched the first in a series of business programs for Destination Health, a new platform with an enhanced focus on addressing social determinants of health.

“Out of about 6,000 waking hours in a year, most people only spend a handful in a doctor’s office or hospital – you spend the vast majority of your time in your community,” said Karen S. Lynch, President, Aetna and Executive Vice President, CVS Health.

“CVS Health is a part of nearly 10,000 communities across the country, so by going beyond our significant philanthropic efforts and addressing social determinants of health through the products and programs our company develops, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve the health of individuals and communities across America.”

The first components of Destination Health include:

In the past seven months, CVS Health and Aetna have closed on commitments to invest $40.5 million in affordable housing that will help construct or rehabilitate more than 1,600 affordable housing units in 19 communities in six states.

“It’s hard to focus on your health when you are worried about your housing situation. Research has shown that providing safe and secure housing options can help improve health outcomes, particularly for individuals with chronic health conditions,” said Dr. Garth Graham, Vice President, Community Health & Impact, CVS Health and President, Aetna Foundation.

  • A collaboration with Unite US – A leading social care coordination platform, Unite US will help some of Aetna’s most vulnerable Medicaid and dual-eligible (Medicaid and Medicare) members more easily access social services within their community. The two companies are also exploring integration through various CVS Health retail assets.

    During the second half of the year, these programs and services will be available to Aetna Medicaid members in Louisville and to Aetna’s Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan members in Tampa, Florida and Southeastern Louisiana.

  • Helping employers identify and address social determinants of health – A new analytics tool developed by Aetna will help employers understand how social determinants of health are affecting their employee population. It also will help guide CVS Health across all lines of business to determine how the organization can most effectively deploy the right interventions to the plan sponsors and individuals that are most likely to benefit.

    These interventions could include plan sponsor activities like plan design changes, provider network adjustments and refinements to clinical outreach.

  • Impact investments; how housing can help improve health – With a focus on addressing housing insecurity in key markets, CVS Health is making significant investments, totaling more than $50 million by the end of this year, in affordable housing across the country to help provide support for underserved and at-risk populations.

The Destination Health platform also includes the investments being made at the community level as part of the recently announced Building Healthier Communities initiative, which is a $100 million commitment being funded over five years by CVS Health and the CVS Health and Aetna Foundations intended to make community health and wellness central to the company’s corporate social responsibility platform: Better Health, Better Community, Better World.

Read the press release announcing the Destination Health platform.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019