Balancing motherhood and careers for a high “work happy” rating

What’s your “work happy” rating? On a scale of one to ten, is it a five? Eight? Nine?

Ahead of Mother’s Day, watch as parents in Aetna’s Finance organization and their children have an honest conversation on the challenges of balancing motherhood and their careers – and why the company’s support is key to high “work happy” ratings.

“The flexibility the company has provided has been amazing for myself but also for my family,” says Shannon Smith, manager, Experienced Finance Leadership Program (EFLP), mother of two and Lieutenant in the Coast Guard Reserve.

Other associates share how Aetna’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture provides professionals and executives with opportunities to bring their “full selves” to work by leveraging Employee Resource Groups, mentoring and networking, career “stretch” opportunities, part-time work, leaves of absence and more.

“I’m not only supported but encouraged to put my family first,” Human Resources Executive Director Caroline Wilke says in the video, surrounded by her four children under 7.

Caroline quips that her “work happy” is a nine, but would have been a 10 if she was able to bring her children to work.

Read more about Aetna’s support for employee well-being through its “Social Compact,” which included improved wages, enhanced benefits and innovative wellness programs.

Friday, May 11, 2018