Aetna and Gilead Agree to Discount Pricing for Hepatitis C Drugs

Friday, January 16, 2015

Aetna has reached an agreement with Gilead Sciences Inc. that will result in lower pricing for the hepatitis C drugs Harvoni and Sovaldi for Aetna customers.

The agreement, effective immediately, follows a comprehensive clinical review of current FDA- approved therapies for hepatitis C. Harvoni and Sovaldi are clinically effective treatments for hepatitis C. Based on their efficiency and cost compared to other current hepatitis C treatments, Harvoni and Sovaldi will now be preferred therapies for Aetna Commercial customers.

Harvoni and Sovaldi, like all treatments for hepatitis C, require precertification.

While this agreement will lower costs for these hepatitis C treatments, updates to our financial projections, if any, would be further discussed when we release our fourth quarter 2014 earnings, currently scheduled for February 3, 2015. Those projections will incorporate our latest outlook across our various businesses.

We continue to evaluate the prescription drug products available to treat hepatitis C to ensure that all customers have access to quality treatments.

These medications will be covered in accordance with Aetna’s clinical policy.