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Puppets Educate Families About Maryland’s Secondhand Smoking Law

Aetna Better Health® of Maryland joined the Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission Head Start/Early Head Start Program and the Allegany County Public Schools Judy Center as those organizations discussed the dangers of secondhand smoke with parents of local children. The health plan attended the event and shared benefit information with participants about the Ted E. Bear, M.D. Club Smoking Cessation Program.

Held at the South Penn and Beall Elementary Schools in Cumberland, the events educated parents about changes in the state law about smoking around children and brought together various county resources, including those that can help with smoking cessation.

The Blue Sky Puppet Theater presented Rufus Battles Second Hand Smoke as a fun way to explain to families the effects of smoking, the new law and peer pressure. After the presentation, one parent stated that they “…were not aware that they could get a citation for smoking in the car with their child.”

As parents become more aware of the many reasons why they shouldn’t smoke around their children at any time, Maryland schoolteachers are hopeful that attendance will improve.

“Aetna Better Health of Maryland’s purpose is to serve our members where they are and meet their needs with meaningful resources and services to enhance their lives and improve their health and well-being,” said Sarah Bush, Community Development coordinator. “How do we do that? As part of the Managed Care Organization (MCO) we participate in the State’s Health Choice Program (Medicaid), and offer services throughout Maryland. Our network of providers and resource vendors are valued partners and we give them the best innovative tools and technology to ensure their success in serving out members.”

Tuesday, July 30, 2019