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Setting the Record Straight – Our Commitment to Providing Affordable Access to Birth Control

Our PBM business, CVS Caremark, is 100% committed to ensuring affordable access to birth control medication across our network of 68,000 pharmacies that includes national chain pharmacies, independent drugstores and mail service pharmacies.

The accusations made by The Pill Club against CVS Caremark are extremely misleading. It is not really about women’s health, for which CVS has a strong track record of providing access and care that will continue whether or not The Pill Club remains in our pharmacy network.

FACT: The Pill Club is a for-profit business masquerading as a public health service. It has raised $67 million from outside investors, including some of the largest venture capital and private equity firms in the U.S. These investments are designed to return a profit.

FACT: CVS Caremark is reimbursing The Pill Club at the exact same rate that we reimburse other pharmacies with similar business models. Yet, it is only The Pill Club that has made misleading statements on its website and to the media. The same reimbursement rate would be in effect even if The Pill Club sold other types of prescription products besides birth control.

FACT: This is not an access issue. While The Pill Club is the one threatening to stop serving its customers because its profits will no longer be as high as anticipated, there are still numerous other pharmacies in our network that CVS Caremark plan members can use that provide similar home delivery service, as well as tens of thousands of walk-in pharmacies.

FACT: Based on our data, we know that many current members of The Pill Club have used different pharmacies in the past to fill their birth control prescriptions; and former members of The Pill Club are currently using other pharmacies to mail them their medications.

It is irresponsible for The Pill Club to falsely suggest access to women’s health care is being jeopardized just so it can maximize its profits at the expense of our PBM clients. Ensuring that the pharmacies in our network are reimbursed appropriately based on their business models helps our clients provide cost-effective coverage for their members’ pharmacy care needs.

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