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A young woman solemnly sits on her couch to use her cell phone.

Our commitment to mental wellbeing

The mental health system can be complicated, unfamiliar, and hard to navigate for most people. The stigma attached to mental illness and addiction prevents people from seeking treatment, and for those who do seek help, it can be hard to find quality care in a timely manner.

CVS Health proactively supports individuals across the mental wellbeing continuum, building mental health resilience among those who are currently healthy, providing emotional wellbeing and social determinant support for those who are stressed or struggling, and robust clinical support and case management for individuals with a mental illness — and everything in between.

Working in our communities, and in partnership with providers and employers, CVS Health holistically addresses physical and mental health to improve overall health.

Engagement across the care continuum

We have developed a variety of access points — CVS Pharmacy®, Resources for Living (PDF), new technology and more — to improve mental wellbeing and health outcomes for members and families, their employers, and communities.

Flattening the second curve of COVID-19

As we combat the physical effects of COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are simultaneously confronted with deep feelings of stress, fear and anxiety. We are facing profound loss, economic uncertainty, social isolation, and worry for the health of those we love. This time of mental and emotional crisis is the ‘second curve’ of the pandemic, and we must work together to flatten this curve, too.

We’re proud to offer expanded mental wellbeing services and resources to support our most significantly impacted groups — frontline health care workers,  essential workers,  seniors, and furloughed and laid-off workers.

Learn more about resource we’re offering to help flatten the second curve.

Here 4 U

We understand life can feel overwhelming for young adults right now: COVID-19 has closed schools, isolated them from friends and family members and impacted their day-to-day lives in countless ways. That’s why we’ve launched the Here 4 U program as part of our Time For Care initiative to provide much needed mental health resources and education to young adults as well as other groups in need of special attention in the wake of the pandemic.

Reducing the number of suicides

Part of CVS Health’s commitment to helping people on their path to better health is a focus on reversing the devastating suicide trends in the United States. With the right intervention and support, suicide is known to be preventable. We offer resources to support a variety of groups — young adults and college students, attempt survivors, Aetna members and CVS Health colleagues.

Learn more about the suicide prevention resources we offer.

A father and son sit on a park bench near a lake to talk.
A father and son sit on a park bench near a lake to talk.


Resources for Living (RFL) offers a variety of well-being services and support options for everyone–even for those not on an Aetna insurance plan. Individuals can call our Resources for Living (RFL) line at 1-833-327-AETNA (1-833-327-2386) for in-the-moment phone support.

Emotional well-being resources to support you and your loved ones. These include tools to manage stress and anxiety, support parents and children, and care for your own mental health.

Learn about your emotional health and take needed action. Take a simple depression check or take a simple anxiety check.