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Moriarty Discusses Health Care Leadership with U.S. News & World Report

At the 2019 World Economic Forum, Tom Moriarty, Chief Policy and External Affairs Officer, and General Counsel for CVS Health, sat down with Bill Holiber, President and CEO of U.S News & World Report, to discuss how leadership in the health care industry can drive meaningful solutions for patients.

The conversation first focused on the important role leaders can play in driving a transformative vision forward. Moriarty explained that leaders, particularly in health care, need to listen and engage at a very human level.

Emphasizing the importance of providing human interactions in health care, Moriarty outlined CVS Health’s commitment to delivering high-quality, community-based care. According to Moriarty, the democratization of care delivery – giving patients greater control of their health care decisions – provides an opportunity to help patients find the right care at the best possible cost.

As an example, Moriarty referenced the real-time benefits program, which improves transparency for patients and their prescribers by showing what patients will pay for a specific drug under their benefits plan and presenting up to five lower-cost, clinically appropriate alternatives. Moriarty described the potential for solutions like this to improve health care outcomes and reduce overall costs to the system, so that those savings can be reinvested in other societal priorities, like education and infrastructure.

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