Increasing Transparency to Help Patients Manage their Care

Patients are increasingly looking for enhanced transparency into the cost of their health services and medications to find care that fits their budgets and needs. In fact, a recent poll sponsored by CVS Health found that more than eight in 10 (84 percent) Americans believe that having expanded visibility into how much a drug will cost is the most valuable information in the prescription drug supply chain. Despite this, 57 percent of Americans say that, most of the time, they don’t know how much a prescription will cost before filling it.

At CVS Health, we recognize the need for transparency and believe that it can help lower health care costs and improve outcomes. Below are a few recent articles that highlight our commitment to enhancing transparency for consumers:

  1. Helping Americans Find the Right Care at the Lowest Cost
    In today’s complex and often fragmented health care system, it’s not always easy for patients to find the information they need to manage their own health care decisions. This article looks at the ways CVS Health is expanding visibility into drug costs and providing transparent information about the cost of community-based health services to help patients manage their care efficiently and at a lower cost.
  2. By the Numbers: Transparency into Prescription Drug Costs
    Data show that the vast majority of Americans are concerned about rising drug prices and desire more transparency. This article highlights how CVS Health is meeting patients’ needs by providing increased visibility into how much drugs may cost and helping them access clinically appropriate alternatives that are available at a lower cost.
  3. Health Care Consumerism: Increasing Transparency to Aid Decision-Making
    Our health care system was not built to provide consumers with the same information they might expect for goods and services, such as televisions or oil changes. At CVS Health, we believe that consumers should have a direct line of sight into what is covered under their benefit plans and how much their care will cost. This article highlights how we’re arming consumers with more cost information to manage their personal health care needs.

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