By the Numbers: American Voters’ Top Health Care Concerns for the Future

Health care has traditionally been, and is likely to remain, one of the most-discussed issues during every election cycle. Americans want access to high-quality care at prices they can afford, and they are looking to our elected leaders for help.

We recognize that to bring meaningful changes to our health care system, the public and private sectors must collaborate on solutions. To help shape our understanding of Americans’ concerns about health care both now and in the future, CVS Health conducted a public opinion poll in November 2016 with more than 1,800 registered voters.

Voters Are Satisfied with Care and Coverage, Affordability Remains a Challenge

Eighty-two percent of voters say they are somewhat or highly satisfied with the care they receive from health care providers, and nearly three quarters of respondents report that they are satisfied with their health care coverage.

Despite this generally positive sentiment, affordability is an obstacle for many voters. In fact, 26 percent of respondents admitted they put off needed medical care in the past month because of high costs. This finding was consistent with our September poll, highlighting the pervasive impact of cost on health care decision-making. Also consistent with our September poll, one in five voters shared that they put off filling a prescription in the last month because of the cost.  

Voters Identify Health Care Priorities for Future Leaders

Voters want the incoming Congress and the Trump administration to tackle several important health care issues. Specifically, nine out of 10 poll respondents identified these issues as important for the next President and Congress to address:

  • Prescription drug prices

  • Health insurance deductibles and premiums

  • Access to health care providers

  • Preparedness for public health emergencies

When asked to select the most important health care issue facing the country and future leaders, 45 percent chose health insurance deductibles and premiums, followed by access to health care providers and prescription drug costs, which were each identified by approximately one in six voters as the number-one priority.

Achieving Quality, Accessible and Cost-Effective Health Care

Our poll findings highlight the need for the health care industry and our elected leaders to continue to seek out ways to adapt to the changing environment, particularly as the population ages and the prevalence of chronic disease increases. Ensuring patients have access to quality care at the lowest-possible cost will continue to be a critical aim of the entire health care system.

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