Omnicare, a CVS Health company

Across the country, we provide specialized long-term care pharmacy services that include consulting and data management.

Adding value for long-term care settings

Our comprehensive medication and related services result in positive, cost-effective  outcomes for long-term care settings.

Omnicare provides value for long-term care settings

We are a national provider of long-term care pharmacy services, delivering more  than 70 million prescriptions a year to customers nationwide. We’re committed to  building strong, consultative partnerships, so that we can successfully support  community staff and their members.

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Omnicare provides value for senior living communities

When our customers need immediate, expert service in geriatric care, we’re always here for  them. We understand the unique needs of the senior population — and we understand their  community’s unique needs, too.

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Omnicare provides value for residents and families

Residents and their families can expect expertise and guidance from our pharmacists, as well as access to important health care information. We enable communities to provide the best care for residents and their loved ones.

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