Going the Extra Mile: CVS Specialty CareTeam Members Provide Personalized Support

CVS Specialty CareTeam pharmacist Samir provides personalized support to patients living with complex, chronic diseases.

Specialty pharmacy is one of the fastest growing healthcare segments in the U.S. but treating specialty patients is complex and costly, requiring a high-touch, highly personalized experience. CVS Specialty is on the front lines of specialty care focused on “whole patient” care. In fact, patients have access to therapy-specific CareTeams, comprised of specially trained nurses and pharmacists who offer proactive clinical counseling and support to manage the entire patient, including their comorbidities. This can lead to better outcomes and lower overall health care costs.

"We don't see a patient as a number behind the screen. We actually understand that’s a person that has concerns, they have a life. And we want to make sure as their CareTeam that we provide the care that they need, to make them feel better, day by day." -Samir, Pharmacist with CVS Specialty.