The Power of Personalization

Millions of customers walk through the doors of our CVS Pharmacy stores each day, and even more visit our online channels, such as and our mobile and iPad apps. Since our customers have vastly different needs, we’ve learned that a “one size fits all” approach isn’t the best way to serve them. That’s why we’re focused on creating new, personalized experiences that appeal to our customers based on their preferences.

Our ExtraCare Loyalty Program

So how are we doing that? Take our ExtraCare program for starters. Powered by more than 16 years of data, the program is able to act like a personal shopper for customers, recommending products and providing offers tailored to each cardholder based on their previous shopping behavior.

Another example of this personalized approach is our ExtraCare emails. If we know that customers are being impacted by geographic factors, like a particularly tough allergy season or by a winter storm or inclement weather, we tailor those emails to let them know about the products and services we offer that can help.

myWeekly Ad

Another step on our path to personalization is CVS Pharmacy’s myWeekly Ad. With this innovative digital technology, we’re taking our customers’ personalized shopping experience to the next level with an online weekly circular that makes it easier to save time and money.

Shoppers who use myWeekly Ad no longer have to look through a paper circular to find the deals they want. Instead, enrolled users immediately see which of their favorite items are on sale that week, including frequently bought items or hot deals in categories that might be of interest to that specific shopper.

Personalized ExtraCare savings and rewards can also be found all in one place, making it easier for customers to see their available offers before they shop.

CVS Pharmacy Revolutionizes the Way Customers Experience the Sales Circular with Launch of myWeekly Ad

As we continue to evolve our digital offerings, we’re putting our customers’ needs front and center, improving how we deliver offers, making them more relevant and providing more value.