Maintenance Choice

CVS Caremark members can choose to fill 90-day prescriptions by mail or in one of our retail pharmacies.

Maintenance Choice® is a unique program that gives CVS Caremark plan members a choice of how they want to fill their prescriptions.

Plan members can choose to fill 90-day supplies of medications for chronic conditions either through CVS Caremark mail service or at any of our CVS Pharmacy locations. Regardless of their choice, they pay the typically lower mail co-pay, while the plan sponsor receives the typically lower mail rate.

Filling a Need

Studies show that a quarter of people who are prescribed a medication never fill their first prescription. Patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and coronary artery disease, adhere to their medication regimen only about half of the time.

In fact, non-adherence to essential medications is a frequent cause of preventable hospitalizations and patient illness, with costs to the U.S. health care system estimated at about $300 billion annually.

By giving our patients the ability to choose how to purchase their 90-day maintenance medications, Maintenance Choice has helped drive significantly higher adherence rates among eligible members. Customers who opt for in-store pickup also benefit from face-to-face counseling and support from their local CVS pharmacist.

This innovative program not only lowers health care costs for clients, it also improves health outcomes for patients.