Reading, Writing and Pharmacy Skills

When you enter a typical high school, you’ll see classrooms, lockers, books and computers. But when you walk inside Davies Career and Technical High School in Lincoln, RI, you realize the school is anything but typical. Proof of that can be found in the school’s Health Career lab, which boasts a Mock CVS Pharmacy Training Center.

Hands-On Training

The CVS Pharmacy Mock Training Center, the first mock CVS Pharmacy ever to be located in a high school, officially opened in December 2013. The training center includes a full-size pharmacy counter, CVS Pharmacy signage, health and wellness products and lots of mock pill bottles.

For more than a decade, CVS Pharmacy has partnered with Davies for the school’s CVS LearnRX Pharmacy Technician Training Program. The program has provided Health Careers students with extensive hands-on training at CVS Pharmacy locations across the state.

On-the-Job Instruction

As part of the program, the Health Careers students are placed at several participating CVS Pharmacy stores where they work closely with the pharmacists and lead pharmacy technicians. Through a combination of web-based instruction modules and in-store training, the students learn important customer service skills and help CVS Pharmacy staff, preparing for a career in pharmacy or health care. 

The Mock CVS Pharmacy Training Center at Davies enables students to begin their Pharmacy Tech training in a simulated environment, preparing them to work at a CVS Pharmacy before they even set foot in a store.

All of the items for the Mock Pharmacy were donated by CVS Pharmacy.