Improving Student Outcomes with SMART

Students learn best — and are ultimately more successful — when they feel healthy both mentally and physically. But not all students have equal access to health services.

SMART™, a school health solution focused on ensuring the wellness of every student in an educational setting, is working to change that. Developed through a partnership between CVS Health and Ginn Group Consulting, which architected the program, SMART™ works with schools to ensure the wellness of every student, while destigmatizing the seeking of health care, and eliminating or mitigating the barriers to academic achievement.

Since the program’s launch in 2013, SMART™ sites have opened in seven schools around the country, including four in Chicago. The model has demonstrated proven outcomes over the past five years, including:

  • 30,555 more school days attended by students at the flagship site in Chicago

  • 23,805 physical and behavioral health visits across all sites

  • 10,254 immunizations administered to students and faculty at all sites

  • 86% decrease in school suspensions, cumulatively, at the flagship site in Chicago